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Last nites BM BullS#$%

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Last nite biodad and I *(the girlfriend) went to biodads son hockey game. An hour before the game starts his son calls biodads mom (he lives with his parents)and says dad has his hockey stick and he needs it. Biodads phone starts ringing and of course it is the biomom but he didnt answer it, he knew it would be some kind of BS again. Son didnt have hockey for 2 weeks and it was on her time, so we knew we didnt have stick...just another load of crap...again. Then she calls my house, of course I didnt answer, she leaves a message...Hello this is Mrs. __________ this is a message for my husband, could you please have him call home..... What kind of drugs is she on? I know she is trying to get a rise out of me but it doesnt work...They have been separated close to 2 years, and he filed for divorce last month....Yep she is the one that is contesting the divorce.

So anyways we were at hockey leaving the arena, walking on the side of the laneway, boyfriend says move closer to the wall ex wife is driving towards Imove to the wall, he is on outside walking where cars drive by...she speeds up and comes about 6 inches from him....she has her boyfriend and son in the van................this lady is unbelievable....What do you think?


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BM likes to calll about everything--and alot of the times it's unecessary--or like in your case we don't even have what she swears we do.

I wish I had a quick fix for you, but I don't. The only thing I can honestly say--that I know works--is what you are already doing--ignoreing her. That's working for us so far. And as I always tell my BF--Document everything--down to the last little detail. It's better to have it and not need it--then to need it and not have it.


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I think if she had come six inches closer she's be calling from prison. Has he considered making a police report? Not saying have her arrested or anything, but just to have the incident documented in case something like this happens again.

~ Anne ~

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not much more that I can say...

It's pretty obvious that if she's 'threatening your life'- it's time to call the police and have them step in.

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i would have had my boyfriend take the boy and cover his eyes and beat the shit out of bm. i wish fh's ex would step to me like that. thats ridiculous, file a police report for sure.