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BM sends SD approved menu before visits

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My sd12 has not visited our house since last October a couple weeks after I gave birth to my DD. My daughter is nearly nine months old and SD is finally planning on accepting an invitation to visit. Of course this was all masterminded by my favorite sister-in-law who always tries to triangulate between my husband myself SD and BM. I guess that's more than a triangle! Anyway it looks like SD is finally going to get her Christmas presents. both my husband and I have texted her recently asking about when she was going to come visit but she does not answer us.

SD13 discovered her sexuality

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SD13 has discovered her sexuality and is practicing on DH. *bad*

DH and SD were on a FaceTime call. SD had ignored his attempts to contact her several times and my husband decided to be very persistent so he called twice in a row. SD has been eating up my husband's recent increase in his pursuit of her. A combination of it being her birthday and him trying to nail down summer visitation the reason behind him not accepting an answer calls.

DD is sick but let's talk about SD

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We just HAD to see the in laws for Father's day. We haven't gone out since. Here we are a week later and baby DD has a fever and snot. I ask my in laws if any of them have been sick since if we're sick that's where it came from since they are the only ones outside our bubble. They blow it off as teething. It's not teething... Then my SIL changes the subject by sharing some poor quality video of SD13 that is 10 years old. Ok..?

YoUr FiRsTbOrN

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My husband accepted a FaceTime call from his sister. If it was up to me he wouldn't have but poof suddenly he's showing off our daughter and looking at her aunt's lazy face while she lays in bed probably hungover. 

SD12's birthday is next month

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Sd12's birthday is a month away oh, you all know what that means right? It's the same thing that happens between late November and Christmas. step kids are suddenly a lot more responsive, communicative, sweet and interested in dear old Dad's life. Why the predictable change in behavior? They have to get Dad to drop big money on presents.

Even BM thinks SD is entitled (no sympathy, she made her that way)

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Last year my husband and I went to Europe while I was pregnant (about halfway) and spent a week with another couple that we are friends with. We stayed at their house and caught up with our good friends, tit was more of a visit than a touristy vacation. It was our last chance to hang out with them without the baby. 

My mini wife

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I thought that my husband had maybe see my internet history because he has been complaining about all the same things that I have been complaining about!  Yesterday my husband called our daughter "mini wife." I got scared for a moment thinking that he has seen me lurking on the step parenting sites but It turns out he was just calling or many wife because she is a tiny version of me.

Gift Demanding

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I think a part of what I find so frustrating with my husband's family at large is that they have a very different culture of gift-giving then I grew up with. They often expect very extravagant gifts but give things that they pretty obviously found on sale. I don't mind getting an inexpensive gift if they are thoughtful but there have been times where they will leave my husband out of the gift-giving occasion while requesting something extravagant.