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Much older stepkids and bios, what's the relationship like?

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SD13 has always had a messed up sense of family relations. She calls her cousin on BMs side her brother, she calls her cousins (my niece and nephew) her nice and nephew too, and though she calls my kids her sisters she says she wants to be like an aunt to them.

She is old enough to be corrected because this is going to be confusing for all the little kids involved. 

The thing is SD is 13 and there are no other kids of her generation older than 3. She is a sort of middle generation and considers herself a junior aunt. Which does make some sense.

SD complains she isn't DH's favorite

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SD13 has started guilt tripping DH at every turn when she doesn't get her way. We have a toddler and a baby and SD is in competition with them, especially the baby. This wasn't an issue when we had our first ours baby but now that we have another SD13 keeps saying "it's because I'm not your favorite anymore" and pouting when DH doesn't drop everything to do or buy anything she wants. 

Every time DH holds the baby SD13 asks for something and DH MUST DO IT RIGHT NOW or she will whine and pout that she isn't the favorite.

Help -I wish my daughter didn't look like SD

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I'm going to share a secret that I can't tell anyone else and I'm afraid to ask anywhere else. 

So once in a while I get this weird wave of negative feelings when my daughter makes a face and resembles SD12. I know she doesn't resemble SD, she actually resembles my husband, whom I love, but maybe it's the fact that they are both girls that does it? In that moment to me she looks more like SD than like my husband.

Let's reward her for being an a$$hole?

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SD12 does this thing where she acts like she likes to see us and says that she will be back soon and that we are going to get back on a every other weekend schedule. I think she says this stuff just to get my DHS hopes up because after we see her she usually doesn't talk to us in any form for about two months until the next holiday or until she wants something. 

Tweens are the worst

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Is it just me or are tweens and young teens super annoying? they want to be taken seriously but everything that comes out of their mouth is just obnoxious nonsense. They still think that they are children so they tried to act cute to get their way but it really doesn't work. They like to play both sides of a situation and get out of responsibilities because they're still just kids but also get privileges because they are grown up. they act like they are independent but still want you to do everything for them

We got gifts off the wrong Christmas list

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We are doing Christmas gifts early so we don't have to see any family for the rest of the year. My DH told SD12 we already got her presents. Instead of excitement at getting thing early her eyes widened in dread.

"No!  You don't even have my list"

"I got it from your mom"

"That was BMs list! Every family gets a different list"

"Well you never answered me when I was out shopping, I got things off the list I got from your mom."

"No no no" at this point she can barely speak because her plan to get extra gifts wasnt working out.

Spread the love(germs)

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Thanksgiving was great it was just DH, our toddler and me. We briefly talked to the In-laws on Thanksgiving day who had gathered all together for their own party (10+ people). Our Thanksgiving was stress free and we agreed that not seeing them was definitely the right choice. Also a perfectly cooked prime rib for two didn't hurt either. A smaller gathering means fancier food!