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I let dh think SS went to bed on his own but I feel guilty

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This weekend, we had guests over for supper one night.

The kids were fed first... and DH, our guests and I were out in the garage, having a smoke waiting for the kids to finish.

ss didn't finish all his supper. No biggie... it's generally left on the counter, and he'll finish it eventually, because predictably, about 15-20 minutes, even though he "finishes" his meal, he's really just done with THAT food, yet wants other stuff to eat. DH has been awesome at making ss eat his leftovers when ss gets hungry again after the meal, so it's not really been an issue in a while.

OT - teen girls' bedroom

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I've been slowly redecorating my daughters' room for the last little while...

I had painted it blues and purples last year, and they've grown tired of it. I agree though, it's a bit childish for them... it's what they wanted at the time, it's just not "cool" anymore.

Anyway, I've already re-painted the walls white.

I've bought a twin bed for my oldest girl - she had a queen bed my youngest had a twin bed... and with the dressers, vanity and armoire in the room, it was a wee bit cramped.... so now they both have twin beds.

Update to visitation blog

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So far, so good.

Ss hasn't really had any regressions or anything, but has started up again with the "my mom says"... which we generally ignore.

He did start climbing the furniture again, though, and I'm not impressed... when I asked him to get down the other day, he says that his mom lets him do it at her house... and I snapped at him a little, saying that I'm not his mother, and this isn't her mother's house, is it... he shook his head no... "then get DOWN. NOW."

I need a slap

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I'm going through hormone crap I guess... because I kind of REALLY would like a baby.

Practically, my head knows that's just silly talk.

I have my tubes tied, but I also have the funds it would cost to have a reversal.

I might need a slap to convince me this just isn't a good idea...because DH is NO HELP. He teases me about it...and says it wouldn't be the end of the world.

OT - my kids high school was closed today due to a weapons threat

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Got an email this morning from school staff indicating the school would be closed due to a weapons threat...

Cops arrested someone in relation earlier today, school stayed closed.

There has been SUCH an increase in criminal activity in the last year or so... ridiculous.

Curious about something..... paternity and expenses

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So... this has been on my mind for a little while...

Say Mom has the child solo for 10 years.... and Dad is non-existant in child's life. Both are content as is, no child support ever sought, blah blah blah.

Say child now wants to meet Dad.

Say Mom decides to now go after CS and half of expenses... and decides to now enroll the child in all these extra things that cost more money etc... because she's in the process of filing for CS/expenses from Dad...

(**no debate about whether dad should pay or not - this is not in this discussion**)

OT - anyone do swagbucks?

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I stumbled on it a few months ago... seems pretty legit.

I've traded in points for 2 x 3$ online giftcards on Amazon so far, but I have enough points for 2 more 3$ vouchers. I'm saving them, though, because the higher the point value the higher the giftcard you get. (300 for 3$, 450 for 500$, 1000 for 10$, 2200 for 25$

Easy money. Or in my case, free groceries through amazon...because I also do the subscribe and save thing on amazon... which through swagbucks, gives you 1% to 3% cash back in points...which you can redeem back into amazon.

We're starting a visitation schedule...

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BM has been pretty good of late. She's seen ss a handful of times recently... so they've DH and BM have hashed out a 2 week schedule, alternating every day, and SS will always be with us the Saturday night. Actually DH told her what he thinks the schedule should be, and she agreed to it.

They've both signed it.

Week 1:
Monday - BM
Tuesday - DH
Wednesday - BM
Thursday - DH
Friday - BM
Saturday - DH
Sunday as of 2pm : BM

OT - OSAP and BM

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SO, BM is on OSAP (which is a student financial aid program where I live). The amount of money she receives is based on various criteria - one of which, is that she is a sole support custodial parent.

I'm also in college, I take the classes online. I only have a few left to finish my degree. (Or diploma, rather, I guess) I decided to give it a shot... because why not... free money. (They give grants as well as financial aid, which you don't have to repay - just the loan portion.)

Negativity and new year

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Noticed that many seem miserable with the way their lives are. Seems part for the course on a site such as this, I suppose. Still, there are happy endings here and there for some.

I know it's not as easy as to snap your fingers to see changes take place... but it gives me heartache to see some posters post the same issues over and over, having seemingly given up and seeming "content" just b!tching about bm and the skids and how awful they are...without actually making any progress...(through no fault of their own...)