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Update to my blog on the school working with Crossroads

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Crossroads is a mental health organization that (among other things) helps deal with difficult children.

In doing so, they offer "parenting classes". 

Dh is "going to them"  (through zoom type programs), and I'm sitting in.

Collaborative problem solving.... dh has finally realized what I've been telling him all along.... he doesn't dick around with me as much as with him because I naturally "parent" the way they're teaching dh to "parent".

I say "parent", but what I really mean is the way we handle situations. 

3 weeks so far of glorious validation, 3 glorious weeks of dh realizing that I've been doing what they're telling him to do...


Oh, and with the online schooling...... week 7 is this week....  5 of those weeks had school work to turn in through Classroom... it wasn't turned in on weeks 4 and 6. 

Guess where SS was on those weeks?

Comments on school work range from "thanks for submitting" to "great job on all the work this week!!"

Guess which comments were on which weeks?

I have shake my head.

I understand that every home is different...and that kids have various skills... but when there's such a glaring disconnect in what happens in both homes, it makes me sad for the kid.

I notice the effect of all has on ss and how he uses that to his advantage...the school notices... the therapist helping DH notices...dh finally noticed... hopefully BM will eventually take note....because ss definitely notices.


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It really is unfortunate that so many people are able to have children when they’re clearly not a good role model or support for them Sad

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That's really great that your district offers that and that the course is obviously very effective. I hope that the changes last and that your ss benifits as a result. Has BM been asked to take the course too or just your husband?