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fraudulent use of ssn?

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So SO and BM have a tax debt from when they were married, it was supposes to be paid out of SO return last year and the money was taken out but not applied to anything, this has been a huge ordeal that has lasted weeks and weeks trying to find out where it went, because SO thought it was paid until BM recieved a letter saying they were gonna garnish her paychecks. We revieved no letter, anyway BM called irs and used SO ssn to get his past tax info, what info she got we don't know. So my question is this fraudulent? Do we file a complaint with irs or police?

Its like theres some kind of handbook on how to be crazy

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Haven't posted my own blog in awhile but things have gone down hill. Bm and SO were getting a long fairly well for about a year I guess, then I got preggo with our son, we have a dd18m too, I have bd stb6 and bd 4, he has sd6. Over the summer things changed drastically, this may get confusing but if anyone is actually reading.

questions about filing contempt charges

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So we are considering filing contempt against bm for violating the co, there are three incidents, fathers day bm threw a fit through texts about So having sd and wouldn't let him take her, in the co it stars he gets her every fathers day, the second she posted on Facebook about being in the next state over with sd for a family thing. She never mentioned it to us and the co states that they need the other parents permissions to take child out of state, the third is So bday and her refusal to give him sd it states in co he gets her for every bday.

sd relationship with other siblings

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So maybe I'm being petty or making an issue out of a non issue, especially since I can hardly stand sd6 anyways. My So and I have a dd18m together and I am 38 weeks with ds, I also have bd5 and bd4 from previous marriage. Sd also has a sister2 from bm and sf and a stepsister6 from Sf. Anyway she refuses to acknowledge that bd18m or stbds are her siblings, anyone askes her she has 2 sisters, the ones on bms side. I don't expect her to "claim" bd5 and bd4 as siblings. It's just annoying.

kind of funny

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My SO and I dropped sd off with SF and for the third time caught him in a compromising position with one of BMs friends. We've known he's cheated on her before as I am friends with one of the girls he cheated with. We have not said anything about what we've seen and I don't know if she knows about all of it, but er are just airtight back and waiting for the train wreck which is inevitable.

a little self reflection

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So, I've talked to SO about my issues with sd and I know a lot of the problems I have with her are because bm annoys the piss out ot me. I know bm not like bffs but we worked at the dame place for awhile and I got to know her. She's no saint oh hell no but she's better than a lot of the crazies here.

I just dont understand why dinner has to be an issue

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Were at a function for school a dinner, they supplied pizza and fruit and veggies, my kids along with all the other 50 kids here wolfed it all down, not sd6 she's whiney and pouting pretty much dragging down the mood of the whole night for our whole table, its too spicy, its too sour ( canteloupe) my stomach hurts blah blah freaking blah, I am staying out of it, my so is getting mad telling her just eat. It's so frustrating why why can she just not eat the freaking pizza and enjoy it like all the other kids? can she not just go to s function even as low key as this and not complain?

more issues with my ex than bm and sd

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My ex has visitation Tuesday from 4pm after bd5 gets out of preschool and I get them back at noon Wednesday because she has school at 1, yep 20 hours and about 10 of those they are asleep ( we also have bd4 together). This is his schedule he requested when we did our final parenting plan in January. He has Monday and Tuesday off but doesn't want them Monday because all his friends and him get together and play video or computer games that night and god forbid his children interupt that.