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I dread every other sunday

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I am alone with sd6 from when she gets up till I drop her off at 1pm. I know it doesn't sound like much, but I seriously dread being alone with her. I wonder if SO feels this way when he's alone with my bios?


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I feel the same way about being alone with my skids. I wonder the same about DH and I bios so I don't put him in that position. I wish he didn't do it to me.

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I so agree on trying not to do that to him,for me it's usually a quick trip to the market while the bk's are playing a game or with the neighbor kids;)

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Lol,yes!!!!! J/K I often wonder the same thing.I honestly think it depends on how the child(ren) are behaving at the moment and if SO is in good spirits or not.Take advantage of this time,you might find a bond!Or if she does something annoying you can explain to her why with out fear(if you have any) why it bothers you! Vice versa for SO and your bk's.