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o/t gal

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I remember reading a little while ago a stalker was having issues with a gal and was fighting it or something along those lines. My cousin who is like a sister to me just had her custody of her two bios taken away till their trial in august. They never actually met with a judge it was both if their lawyers and a arbitrator or something g like that, and the gal. The gals report was almost completely onsided to the father, all of the allegations in the report stated "according to father." The main cause if concern was our gma watches the kids during the day while she us at work, and he was claiming that she was unfit. They requested her medical history and even brought up a dui my grandma got in the 70s as evidence against her. The irony is that she was beyond good enough to watch the kids for the father so he could go do whatever when they were married. Another thing in the gal report stated that my sister in law (who has nothing to do with this case) is unfit and a bad mother, no reason given and again it was "according to father" and her son is a bully (again I don't even know how they got brought into this thing), but again I dont know much about gals or what their reports should state, all I know is that almost everything was exaggerated and "according to father" my question is what has been the outcome of other peoples dealing with gals, I should add when researching this particular ladies name there have been several complaints on other blogs of her unfair and biased reports. Sorry for rambling any insight is appreciated