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Its like theres some kind of handbook on how to be crazy

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Haven't posted my own blog in awhile but things have gone down hill. Bm and SO were getting a long fairly well for about a year I guess, then I got preggo with our son, we have a dd18m too, I have bd stb6 and bd 4, he has sd6. Over the summer things changed drastically, this may get confusing but if anyone is actually reading. Bm and sd went to California this summer for vacation while they were gone, my friend from work text asking if they were split up, I said no and she told me bms dh was texting her saying they were gonna get divorced, she was cheating on him, she had taken the kids and left. I knew this wasn't true we knew when she would be back she had to get permission from SO to leave the state. So anyway Bms dh was trying to hook up with my friend while she was gone, which isn't the first time he has cheated on her with my friend, bm and her dh don't know that I am friends with this girl, they know we work together. So day before bm gets back she starts texting my SO and going off about how scared sd is of him and she doesn't want to come over, her underwear are too small at our house things like this, were like ok, they start fighting. So sd6 comes over a few days layer and SO sits her down and starts talking to her asking why she's scared of him and she can talk to him and stuff, she tell him I never said that. So So confronts bm, bm says of course she's not gonna talk to you. So we don't know what if anything was
actually said bm and sd both lie all the time.
So later in the summer were at mid July now and bm starts up her texts again how much sd hates it at our house and SO never spends time with her and she feel neglected and such, this is utter bs by the way. He tells her that her response, our divorce was really hard on me and sd and I have a lot of resentment towards you still. This blows my mind because SHE kicked him out and had her bf moved in by that weekend my SO stuff was all in boxes and her bfs stuff was unpacked 3 days after she told him to leave and they were only married 6 months yes 6 months she had been cheating for most of it. They never actually consimated the marriage I shit you not, not sex one time in the 6 months they were actually married. So I am curious as to what her resentment towards him is.
Now were at the end of July and sd is at our house she is playing freeze tag with my bds and falls barely scraping up her hand, which she freaks about, I clean her up and all is well. She never mentions anything about being scratched anywhere else. An hour later bm calls and sd gets in the phone she's fine, been fine for an hour well now she's in hysterics over falling all out hyperventilating hysterics. And here is my mistake, I took the phone and told bm (we had gotten along really well till now) that she was fine had a couple scratches but was over reacting (the hyperventilating) well at bedtime we notice she has a little scratch above her eyebrow and the frame of her glasses had a scratch, So decides he will tel bm the next day and pay for replacement of lense. Next morning he calls eye Dr orders lenses and sd is going home that day he figures he will talk to bm when he drops her off. Should he have called yeah probably, so I go the Dr that morning I'm 39 weeks preggo and my bp is so high they are sending me downstairs to induce me right now. So calls bm and has her dh pick up sd from him at hospital he quickly explains what happened and leaves it at that. Bm goes insane absolutly insane about it freaks out by text because of the lense and how *I* am a terrible mom, because I said she was over reacting on the phone, she says I'm not allowed to alone with sd I dont watch her closely enough this whole thing focused at me, whatever I was relieved not to have to watch sd amymore, she did thus while I was in labor, not pushing but labor, she desperatly wanted a son and was crazy jealous we had one, which I think was part of her trying to ruin the day for us, SO finally turned his phone off and that was it for the day.
So now were still getting text about how much sd hates it here and SO doesn't spend time with her all that crap, which is such bs its laughable. Everytime SO asks sd about anything bm says she denies it, of course. But its just crazy to me that she iacts this way, it seems whenever he and her dh are having problems she has to make a shit storm for my so.