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fraudulent use of ssn?

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So SO and BM have a tax debt from when they were married, it was supposes to be paid out of SO return last year and the money was taken out but not applied to anything, this has been a huge ordeal that has lasted weeks and weeks trying to find out where it went, because SO thought it was paid until BM recieved a letter saying they were gonna garnish her paychecks. We revieved no letter, anyway BM called irs and used SO ssn to get his past tax info, what info she got we don't know. So my question is this fraudulent? Do we file a complaint with irs or police? If we do does she get in any kind of trouble? She needs to know this is not acceptable god only knows what else she's done with his ssn since she has it memorized


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I would investigate it.. U never know..ask around, look it up..inform ur self n then do what u have to do if she gets in troyble oh well, she should know she doesnt have rights over him anymore! Good luck!

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Every wife knows their husbands soc. I can still tell you my fathers since I needed it for things as a child. You can't condemn her for that. She did what she had to do to stop her wages from being garnished. Sounds like he and her need to meet with someone from the IRS to get it resolved.

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It absolutely is fraudulent. Knowing someone's SSN doesn't give you the right to use it.

BM should've contacted your SO & he should've contacted the IRS with his own SSN.

My DH had to call the IRS to set up payment arrangements. We were in the car together & he was on his cell. I could hear the lady he was talking to.

She verified his name & his SSN. She asked his address & he got the numbers mixed up. I corrected him & he repeated it to her. She asked who he was employed with 2 years ago & he had to stop & think about it, as he's been laid off a number of times in the last few years. I told him who I thought it was, & the lady got miffed.

She asked if he was in fact DH & asked why he was having to get help answering the questions. He told her I was his wife & she said, "I don't care who it is. I'm asking you these questions to verify that it's you I'm speaking with".

Yes, the IRS will get miffed about anyone calling & claiming to be anyone else.

I would contact the IRS & explain what she's done & find out from them how to move forward with a formal complaint.