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sd relationship with other siblings

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So maybe I'm being petty or making an issue out of a non issue, especially since I can hardly stand sd6 anyways. My So and I have a dd18m together and I am 38 weeks with ds, I also have bd5 and bd4 from previous marriage. Sd also has a sister2 from bm and sf and a stepsister6 from Sf. Anyway she refuses to acknowledge that bd18m or stbds are her siblings, anyone askes her she has 2 sisters, the ones on bms side. I don't expect her to "claim" bd5 and bd4 as siblings. It's just annoying. Here's the strange part I guess, she will go through these little phases where she calls all the kids by their first middle and last name. My bds she gets right but herself she calls "first, middle, and sf last name" she does this with MY bd18m "first, middle and HER sfs last name." It pisses me off she's been told so many times and she always plays stupid like oh I thought hat was her last name DO gets livid and tells her no he is her father and he is bd18m father and they both have his last name. Idk I can see why she would refer to herself and having sf last name, since bm pushes it own her throat he is her more of a dad to her since he's there all the time even though we've fought for more time and its just bs. Like I said maybe I'm making a mountain out if a mole hill but I'm irritated beyond belief could be pregnancy hormones though, I'm a little sensitive lol


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Oh I almost forgot, somethin that's drives me nuts she either baby talks bd18m like googoo Gaga crap which I do not like I've never talked go my kids like that, I know she's only 6 but my bds don't talk to her like that, or she acts like bd18m is a pariah and will freak I'd she comes 2 feet from her all NOOOOOO stopppp, daaaaddyyyy which is beyond annoying too

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Honestly, it sounds like some crap that her BM has put into her head about using the step fathers last name. She is probably very confused about the situation, I think I would be too if I was 6 and had all these step and half siblings in two houses. My daughter is 6 and fully understands that SD10 has a different mother and same father. However, BD6 has been raised in this situation, so she has a better understanding of whats going on. As for the baby talk, she might have picked that up from t.v or school. I think my BD6 would do it too if I had another baby. She just needs more interaction, IMO. Maybe your DH and you need t sit down with her and have a serious conversation about names.

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SS6 used to walk into the house after DH picked him up from BMs, walk directly over to my BD7 and shout in her face - YOU ARE NOT MY SISTER - I HAVE ONLY 1 SISTER (meaning SD12)

If that doesn't come from BM then ....

Also, he writes with chalk all the time outside, I love mom and dad - and draws pictures of his family with his bio sister, BM, DH and MY cat.

I try not to let it bother me, I refuse to claim he is mine ever - he is a wretched child - but its bothersome just the same.

No advice, but I can relate.

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If only you could teach the cat to shout in SS's face, "YOU ARE NOT MY OWNER! I HAVE ONLY ONE OWNER!" }:)