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questions about filing contempt charges

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So we are considering filing contempt against bm for violating the co, there are three incidents, fathers day bm threw a fit through texts about So having sd and wouldn't let him take her, in the co it stars he gets her every fathers day, the second she posted on Facebook about being in the next state over with sd for a family thing. She never mentioned it to us and the co states that they need the other parents permissions to take child out of state, the third is So bday and her refusal to give him sd it states in co he gets her for every bday.
My question is we only have texts and a screen shot of her Facebook post as documentation is that going to be enough? The reason So wants to file against her is because she's been getting very its my way it the highway about when he can take sd and I can see it getting out if control, but i don't know if its going to be worth it to file for just these things and if would be a good move.


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Do it. She needs to know that you are not going to just lie down and take her crap. It will NEVER end if she thinks you guys will let her get away with it. Take back the power.

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The visitation denial on his birthday and Father's Day is enough to file. Judges don't like that crap. You need to let her know she is not the shot caller and needs to abide by the CO. The Hutzpah!

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I agree with the other posters. . .it should be enough. Does anyone have a positive experience in getting the judge to do something to BM for it? c

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I know a woman who lost custody of her kids and went to jail after umpteen visitation denials.

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Absolutely your DH should file, file firmly and file often when she jacks with the CO and his time with his kids. Both the CP and NCP can use the CO and other official regulations to control the blended family oppostion if the opposition gets shitty.

The facts are that she denies visitation on his CO'd time frequently. The supporting facts and information help substantiate that she denied visitation.

The FB status print outs, the text messages, e-mails and a comprehensive Journal/Call Log are all viable supporting docs to nail her toxic ass for a CO/Contempt violation.

We made sure to apply accountability to my SS-19's SpermIdiot and the rest of the SpermClan everytime they deviated from the CO. If they were late putting the kid on the plane at the end of SpermLand visitation, we nailed them, if they deviated in any way .... we nailed them. After a few years they learned to follow the damned rules or feel the pain. We repeatedly attempted to work with them but when we did they just pushed for more and more and more. So, we quit doing anything but following the CO. We kept the CO, local supplemental rules and state laws rolled up and ready. Any time they deviated we beat them about the head and shoulders with the rolled up docs. (figuratively of course)

No tolerance and kick her ass every time she even things about deviating.

IMHO of course.

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Depends in which state you live in. We have been in court 2 yrs due to BM contempt of court, had a trial, 25K later, we are still waiting to see if court finds BM in contempt. The experience we had is more sever than yours too. BM withheld SD for a month, w/out cause, sent police to our house for welfare checks appx 10 times, had Child protective services at out home 3X! Police officer testified in court the BM is using the system to harass our family. CPS worker testified that BM accusations were unfounded and we have a good home. So if you have enough money to pay an attorney $300/hour go for it to make it point. I don't have much faith in this system and believe unless BM is a drug abuser, courts seem to side with them.