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All NCPs In NYS Should Check Your CS Statements Routinely

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Apparently Chef was carrying an unknown arrearage of almost $1K the entire year of 2014. Chef doesnt get a tax refund but instead pays (thanks Obamacare) There was no COLA nor upward mod during 2013 nor 2014.

Chef changed employment five months after filing the down mod due to OSS's stealth emancipation. Down mod went through just after Chef changed employment. (Yeah I know, totally dumb on Chef's part) So Chef was only about $350 behind. He also stupidly quit his job thinking it was back in the 80s where he could get another job the next day!

Took about 7 months for emancipation down mod to go through. Here it is almost December and the CSEU started garnishing his wages three weeks ago an extra $100 a week.

Their breakdown shows this mysterious $1K balance all of 2014 as well as severely underestimating the amount of CS paid in Feb, March and April.

I sent them copies of Chef's paystubs (of course with actual wage info blocked out- these CS workers sit right across the hall from the Girhippo)

Two letters back from them and still no explanation about the mystery $1K!!!