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Emancipation in New York State--Has Anyone Gone Through It Before. . .

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Yes, I'm thinking ahead. Hopefully it will be sooner than later should the lovely Dominatrix (SD 16.5) become knocked up and married at 18 with her current on-again off-again male punching bag. Seeing that a simple downward mod took 8 months due to an "unexpected" but highly provable and undisputable emancipation of OSS.

As a side note, CS goes to 21 here without an emancipation event occurring.

Dominatrix turns 21 the third quarter of 2019. So come the year 2019 and providing Chef's income hasn't gone up 8% to equal out the drop down to one child (YSS who will be almost 17 at the time); are you allowed to start the emancipation petition in advance (since it doesn't just stop at 21). The CS goes through the NYS CSEU which takes ages to process anything downward but miraculously seems to process UPWARD mods before the ink is dry on the original (usually CP BM's) petition.

Anyone else gone through this tortuous experience when a skid turns 21 in NY?


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Both DH and I have our divorces in NY. We both were told by our lawyers to have it put in our orders to have payments made directly to the other party via direct deposit and not use CSEU for this very reason. I get my CS by direct deposit from my ex and DH pays BM the same way. That way you can stop it on the date the child turns. Any chance you could change the agreement and not go through CSEU before the kids age out.

A woman I worked with was told she couldn't file until the child actually turned 21. She was in Fulton county.

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Yeah no she won't even sign an 8332 form.


Chef was paying her his ENTIRE pay direct deposited to her for the first 6 months he was with me. Nothing in writing although he continued to pay her FAITHFULLY massive wads of cash for the first almost 2 years in which she was dragging her feet getting the divorce (he filed first which INSULTED her into filing and trumping him).

When he finally filed first (well into 18 months of separation) it shocked her as she was NOT going to divorce him despite their incredibly lop-sided Pro BM "mediation agreement" saying so. She said his filing for divorce "traumatized the children!" :barf: Why divorce the cash cow when you're getting the milk for free?

When the paperwork started rolling in she INSISTED that it go through CSEU because he was going to turn into some sort of deadbeat dad overnight. Yeah right. This was a guy who was uber guilty over the breakup and the white picket fence dream/family man personna (TM) crumbling that he OVER paid outrageously without a CO even being in place--and she took FULL advantage of this.