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Last Friggin' Month of CS

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I'm sure it will drag on endlessly.  Chef doesn't have a W2 job and works for himself so I send an auto payment from the biz acct directly to Chef's account which in turn generates an auto pymt to NYS CSEU.  The HousesHitter will turn 21 in one more month, the last of the 3 ferals.

I have the payment stopping after 1/4/24, the last of which is prorated for the partial week that he is still 20.

As luck would have it, our Obamacare premium will be doubling at the same time so you can't win for losing. 

It will still be great though to know the Girhippo will be permanently off the payroll after almost 20 years!



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We have six months to go...assuming both skids graduate. Seeing that they are only taking one academic class this year at school (math, because there is no other way to satisfy the requirement, unlike English where you can take "public speaking" as your senior English credit, they should make it. One keeps saying he's "going to college", but I'll believe it when I see it. 

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Love it when the ferals and breeders get cut off at age

Id rather pay double insurance (to take care of myself) than have money going out to another woman who might be using it to take care of kids or line her own pockets

The ex fiancé used to waste all kinds of money on those destructive needy spawns then pretend like he couldn't pay for stuff needed around the house. 

I would never do domestic violence but I envisioned shoving a stiff steel toe boot into his a$$ for taking money out of our household repairs to fund his child support. Like b*tch you better get a 2nd and 3rd job before you take money out of our household....left him 5 weeks later

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Chef has always been terrible at money but he was an extreme guilty Daddy spender on his ferals when they were coming to our house for entitlement training sessions.  

This was when he was bringing home only $100 a week after taxes, insurance and non arrears CS.  I'm glad they PASed out when they did otherwise I would have been flat broke.  There were many times when it was getting ridiculous and I didn't know if I could make ends meet on my salary alone because everything he had went to those brats.

Nothing but the best for his ferals on my dime.

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Why continue to pay for him?  Tell him to get insurance from his mommy.

Even when you can cover them until 26, there is no mandate that you do cover them after the CO expires.

My BIL1's eldest daughter will be 20 next month and moved out a while ago sneaking out in security system blind spots leaving her car keys on the table, crawled into her slimey BF's beater truck, and moved into his multi generational shit hole house. 

She has no insurance. BIL is not providing it. They have always struggled to keep themselves and their kids insured. They have 3 more minors at home 13, 13, 15.  They can barely keep them insured. So, their eldest is SOL. She has regular celiac infusion treatments that are $13K/quarter. She left, she is on her own. She was complaining about the costs of the infusions and that she has no insurance when we were visiting SpermLand last week for the IL clan TG gathering.

If I were your SO, I would cut the kid off completely and guide him to mommy for support  while coaching SS to ask mommy where all the money daddy paid her  for a decade+ is.

That should be fun to hear about.



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past 2010 when Chef moved from his manually laborious W2 concrete job to his first W2 HVAC job.  His concrete job had much better benefits as it was a global company.  The HVAC job was a small biz with terrible benefits.  This was pre-Ocare.  And a couple years after the Girhippo FINALLY took a W2 job after wanting to live off of CS and continue to be a permanent SAHM after the divorce.   It was a govt job, of all things,  as a CPS caseworker, thus gaining free cadillac health insurance.

She agreed to move the ferals to her free cadillac health insurance in exchange for, you guessed it, even MORE CS.

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I am on the cust, a few years, from qualifying for Medicare.  I also have retirement medical benefits from a prior company that I vested for Medical with.  I can't take it until I retire so it will be a Medicare supplemental policy when I engage that coverage.

We were on Obamacare for a while about 5yrs ago. It was great insurance and very reasonable since we engaged it when neither of us were working.  That it was income based cost wise rather than available asset based kept it affordable for us as far as monthly premiums were concerned. Until.... we filed taxes for that year and had to re-pay all of the cost reduction support we received.  That was a financial bite, but we were both working by then so it was coverable without a huge amount of pain.

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to go to be on Medicare.  I imagine that Chef will need to get his own insurance by then as he is on blood pressure meds.  Not sure how that works but he will be only be 57 and for all intensive purposes is my dependent income and tax wise.

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I'm pretty sure the Girhippo will kick him out after his free  "rent and living expenses" is no longer rolling in.  He does have a full time job and odds are he just spends the  income on himself.

He wouldn't move in with us because he hates us (thank goodness) but he does have siblings he can move in with.  He could be the Animal Torturer's  (SD25) roommate although she currently has a boyfriend for now or he could move in with OSS27 Pumpkinhead and his wife who bought a house about a year ago.

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I would feel better for you if you had said He wouldn't move in with us because ... we would not let him.  instead of He wouldn't move in with us because he hates us (thank goodness)

Enjoy your raise........  And enjoy the departure of all Skid related support, engagement, or toleration.

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"BUUUUUTTT we let AWESOMESON stay with us (for about 6 months) before he went into the Air Force."

Chef loves comparing apples with oranges.

The HousesHitter is a druggie and has a violent temper just like Chef.   Awesome son paid us rent and was on the B shift so we never saw him he was quiet and did chores around the house as well.  Never had to clean up after him.

The HousesHitter most likely does not pay any rent to the Girhippo as our CS is considered room and board payment for him and does not help around the house because she lives in a stye.


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 One is a gem, one isn't

The best that shit can ever be is a polished turd. You raised a diamond. SO can't even polish his turd.

Just say no to any request by Chef for his turd to invade your life. Put it to him this way. If Turd moves in, Chef moves out and on taking his turd with him.

Take care of you.

Give rose

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Yay you & Chef!!!

Now to keep taking that $$ and put away...for trips Biggrin

Husband and I think about what hes going to do with the "extra" $ when it ends in May 2024