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Only in New York! Can you Get a Downward Mod and STILL be In "Arrears"

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Reverse the tape:

1. OSS early emancipated himself on the hush hush back in the summer of 2014 (now age 19--in NYS CS usually goes mandatory to age 21) The original CO and MOU states that skid moving out of CP and/or NCP's to seek his/her independence is an emancipation event. The Gir was just expecting to continue collecting till OSS reached 21 whether or not he lived at home, stayed at a paternal relative's etc. etc. Oh and OSS quit community college in a record breaking 3 months.

2. I find out about the emancipation event through my faux FB acct

3. Chef goes (kicking and screaming) for a downward mod at my request in Autumn of 2014

4. Chef obtains said downward mod in mid February of this year; Gir's attny announces to magistrate that "Mrs. StepDaddyBigBucks doesn't want ANYTHING from Mr. Chef!" :sick:
Although the Girhippo could have challenged the emancipation, she did not since she got caught red handed NOT co-parenting as she had always put in the facade of doing in front of her court com-padres (she WORKS for CPS and is chums with the magistrate and all the attorneys)

5. Downward mod/CO doesn't get signed and stamped in till late April

6. Meanwhile, Chef does something foolish and quits his current job the week the downward mod is enacted (mid February)--you can ALWAYS rely on Chef to do something foolish

7. New job doesn't go into play for approx 2.5 weeks--in which new employer picks up the new, slighly lowered amount

8. Chef gets slapped with a "you owe $900 (approx) in CS arrears"

9. Arrears get pulled extra $100 a week now for the next oh, nine weeks

I did the math and it seems CSEU put the downward mod into effect toward the end of April and not mid Feb. like the CO states. HMMMMM


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Well, Girhippo didn't WANT anything but she made damn sure her buddies helped her get it, eh?

I'd go screaming down there to complain but we all know chef will roll over and take it. I'm still amazed you got him to go for a mod in the first place.