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Wanting to wish you all a Merry Christmas

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From this week forward things are going to be very busy for me. So all of you who are struggling with conflicts  in this crazy life  of living with  ex wives, step children, and spouses... Believe in yourself. You got this! My step children are so disrespecful. .If they were nice I would not recognize them. That would be fine with me too. I am not on here very often but I feel that the people on here have good hearts and want to help people.

OT... I need your help!

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So my son is getting married this month. I am happy but stressed as well. My ex will be there with his wife. I have met her once. Really that is not my stress level. I have had a few hard years and frankly they have taken a toll on me. But I want to enjoy the day. I try everyday to live in the moment. But this event has me thinking I may not be able to me myself. I will be seeing old family members from decades ago. I am okay with that but I know it will be hard. My ex husbands family has been nothing but kind to me. A true blessing.

OT Living in a man's world!

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I need to vent. A long story short. Yesterday I ask two people to fix something that needed to get fixed. Well both of them didn't do what I wanted them to do. ( I understand people get busy or just plain forget). So today I tell the woman that she didn't do what I ask her to do. Well right away she says, oh I am so sorry I just got busy and I will get right on it. I said thanks and walked away. All is well I know she will fix it. So then I go over to the guy. I tell him the problem I asked him to fix yesterday was not done.

OT Three little letters, OOPS

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So I just got back from the Doctors office for a check up. Long story short I had surgery 6 months ago and now I go every 3 months for a checkup.

I am sitting in the waiting room and pick up a magazine and start reading about a woman who has a STD. I am almost finished with the story and they call my name to go see the Doctor.

Something happened last night.

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Last night I was cleaning out my clothes closet and found a old journal from almost 10 years ago. I thought I had thrown out all of my old journals but there it was. So I sat down on the bed and started reading. Within 5 minutes I started crying. Everything I wrote about was when I met my now husband. My fears about his children. His family being so judgemental. My concerns about getting to involved with this man. I wrote about our date we had and how great it was. (something I had forgot about).

OT Lets think Spring!

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It is 61 degrees today and feels like a spring day outside. YEAH! I know winter is not over but it feels like a tease today. Are you looking forward to Spring? Do you spring clean the house and open the windows? ( we did this every year when I was a child). Do you enjoy yard work when the weather warms up? I can't wait to hear the birds singing outside. Any thoughts today.

OT Childhood Home

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Yesterday I went to go visit my friends parents. It was like going to a blast from the past. This is the same home my friend grew up in. I told my friend she was so lucky to still have her childhood home. Not sure she really gets it. She has been able to live there and visit thru out her whole life. When I got home I started thinking about how much I would love to just walk thru the home I grew up in. See my old bedroom. The basement where I did things I should not have done. }:) It would mean so much to me. Do your parents still live in your childhood home?