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OT Three little letters, OOPS

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So I just got back from the Doctors office for a check up. Long story short I had surgery 6 months ago and now I go every 3 months for a checkup.

I am sitting in the waiting room and pick up a magazine and start reading about a woman who has a STD. I am almost finished with the story and they call my name to go see the Doctor.

First let me say that my Doctor is not american and speaks with a thick accent but never has been a problem. No biggy. He really doesn't say a whole lot but he gets to the point and is a good Doctor. I really like him. He and his wife both work in the same office.

So he is talking to me about the summer months coming and to protect my skin and using sun block. Then I make the huge mistake and say STD instead of SPF not even realizing I said this ( the story about the woman with the STD is still stuck in my head). So Doctor M. turns around and looks at me with a strange look on his face. He says " I be right back".

So I am sitting there and I can hear some not all of what he is saying to his wife outside the door. Dr M says to his wife Queen say she has STD. Dr M wife says, NO Queen? Dr. M yeah she just told me. Dr. M's wife says NO. Dr M says yeah. Dr M's wife says I talk to Queen.

So in walks Dr. M's wife and says, Queen you have STD. I said WHAT!!!!! NOOOOO!!!! Dr. M say you told him this. I said, I did. Then it dawned on me that I may have said STD instead of SPF. So I try to explain to her that I got mixed up and said STD because I had just read a magazine story about a woman with a STD and those letters must have been stuck in my head and I meant to say SPF. And I go on and on. So after that Dr. M's wife says so you have no STD. I am laughing and say NOOOOOO! I made a mistake with the letters. So she says okay I tell Dr M and leaves.

So in walks Dr M and he won't look at me and says " okay see you in 3 months" and leaves.

I get up to the front desk to check out and they are all laughing about this. OMG what a freaking blunder.

I thought I would share my big Friday F Up with you steptalkers.*dash1*


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Hahahahaha!  Oh Queen I can picture both your and Dr. M bright red faces and Dr. Mrs. M walking out shaking her head.

Hope you have a blunder free weekend



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Oh, hon!! LMAO!!!

As for letters... even the work week ends in WTF... Kiss 2

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Yes it does. I should have used those letters WTF instead of STD. But God only knows what would have happened.

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To follow along with the 3 letters...

My SD's initials are OBS. My boys drag it out...O ...BS.

I was extremely cautious when we named our kids needless to say.

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Ah, Queen!

My DH just returned from running an errand and I told him the tale (complete with accents) of the STD. We both laughed so hard that I'm still wiping my eyes and DH is still chuckling. Thanks so much for the best laugh that we've had in days!


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Good times.