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OT Living in a man's world!

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I need to vent. A long story short. Yesterday I ask two people to fix something that needed to get fixed. Well both of them didn't do what I wanted them to do. ( I understand people get busy or just plain forget). So today I tell the woman that she didn't do what I ask her to do. Well right away she says, oh I am so sorry I just got busy and I will get right on it. I said thanks and walked away. All is well I know she will fix it. So then I go over to the guy. I tell him the problem I asked him to fix yesterday was not done. He get's all pissy with me and tells me that he doesn't feel that I need to rip him a new a$$hole. I said I am not doing that and to just relax and fix the problem. This guy gets up and walks away. He is all in a huff. So he goes over to the woman that I just talked to and says Queen is on my case about not doing what she asked did she say something to you. Before she could even answer he says I bet she didn't come to you and only me. I hate these bossy woman. LOL She told him I did say something to her and she was working on it right now. He then walks away from her and goes back to his desk. I know that there is nothing I can say to this guy right now so I will talk with him at a later time. But just WOW the same problem with a man and a woman and two very different responses.


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It's funny when so many men are more testy and bitchy than they keep telling us we are.

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of this man to respond that way. I am assuming this is a repair shop of some kind. Way to run a business, and treat a customer with disrespect. What a jerk !

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LOL... epitome of the differences between men and women for taking accountability... the woman acknowledges the issue and works to address it... the man defends the position and takes it on his own shoulders that he's a POS that can't be trusted to do anything without being nagged...

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This has nothing to do with women versus men. This is the difference between a good employee versus an a-hole. I've seen the opposite happen, or everyone apologizing and fixing the issue, or everyone putting on their a-hole hat and being an a-hole.

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You could be right but I have never had a woman tell me that I ripped her a new a$$hole before. That is more of a guy statement.

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I think women end up being more passive aggressive versus outright aggressive, but it's still an a-hole move.

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Maybe for one single incident, but in time a pattern emerges.  Almost everyone I know has noticed it.  Misogyny is a thing.

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I'd have to ask the age of each before passing judgement.  The guy sounds like a coddled COD.  


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The upper echelon, consisting mostly of men, tend to ignore my concerns and do an ostrich (sound familiar?) Whereas the women (one woman in particular) is only interested in the SOCIAL part of the job and has no interest in the job itself.  I'm running my fool head off trying to get stuff done and i get a call directly on my phone because said woman co-worker was too busy chatting to one of the guys to pick up the GD phone!!!