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Peeking in and Saying Hi

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It's been a long time since I came around this site!

Life has been moving along. This is the first time I've lived this far north in 20 years, and boy howdy, the short days are getting to me. Work isn't going too well either, for me or for DH, so we're constantly stressed.

SD18 is in college at the local community college. Miracle of miracles, SD18 talked BM into paying 1/3 of the tuition. (A whopping $500/quarter) BM, of course, demanded all of the school's info, and to talk to the registrar's office before sending a check. Whatever floats your boat, chickie.

BM is such a POS

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DH figure that the reason BM dumped SD18 on us is because she got expensive.

BM pays no CS. BM has told SD18 that she won't contribute a dime to SD18's college expenses unless SD18 moves back to Louisiana, goes to a full university, and joins a sorority. Can you say, "living vicariously through your child"? I knew you could!

And... she's blocked

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After DH told BM that he would no longer be communicating with her because SD is now 18, BM tried to guilt trip him, and claimed he promised to keep her informed.

DH replied, "I reached out to you more in six months than you did in the previous 17 years. You can't just sit on your ass and expect to get spoon fed everything, you have to reach out and engage. I'm done with this conversation."

And then he blocked her. He gave SD18 a heads up that her mother might be on the war path, but apparently there's nothing.

BM - clueless about SD's life and blaming DH

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Just a little background:

DH got selected to move to Washington state for the military in April 2013, while I was in Afghanistan. In May, BM dumped SD18 on DH. DH and SD18 moved to WA in August, I returned to the States in October, and am in the final stages of moving out to WA, hopefully next week.

Just block her already!!

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So, SD turned 18 last week.

CS ended as of 01 July, due to BM giving up and kicking SD18 over to DH. DH didn't ask from CS from BM, because a) we wanted NO reason why she might change her mind, (the woman shouldn't be in charge of a pet rock, let alone a kid, seriously) and b) we didn't want to give her any leverage into how DH parents, and c) it'll be a useful shaming tool. (not that the woman has any shame, but anyway)

Update on SD17's grades

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Turns out the kid was telling the truth. Or so we'll see.

Her AP Government teacher had failed to put assignments in the grade book, and when SD17 produced the graded assignments, he fixed it.

The PNW History teacher is the flake. Apparently, all assignments are completed in the classroom, and SD17 has missed a few days due to illness. (Which we knew) Two of the assignments he admitted that SD17 had turned then in, but he had lost them, so if she wanted credit, she needed to redo it.

Texting with the teenager - or SM as the enforcer

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It turns out that SD17 is failing two classes.

We were aware of one, and weren't too bothered by it - she is getting tutoring, she was just failing tests, or so we thought. DH got an email yesterday notifying him that SD17 was missing assignments. She's missing SIX assignments in the other class, but this is also the scatterbrained teacher who has failed to mark her present three times this semester, (the classes on either side marked her as present, and I don't think she has ever ditched, so yeah, scatterbrained teacher) so who knows if she did the work or not.