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And... she's blocked

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After DH told BM that he would no longer be communicating with her because SD is now 18, BM tried to guilt trip him, and claimed he promised to keep her informed.

DH replied, "I reached out to you more in six months than you did in the previous 17 years. You can't just sit on your ass and expect to get spoon fed everything, you have to reach out and engage. I'm done with this conversation."

And then he blocked her. He gave SD18 a heads up that her mother might be on the war path, but apparently there's nothing.

I didn't mention this yesterday, but guess who BM blames for DH not calling her? ME! Apparently I have some spooky voodoo which renders him incapable of picking up his phone from across the country.


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Ah see, it's just BM being clueless again.

DH used to jump when she said frog, but that ended not long after he and I got married. (When I pitched a fit) and the Disney daddying didn't last much longer.

BM blames the downturn in communication on me coming home from Afghanistan, not DH getting sick and tired of doing all the work. That part just happened to be a coincidence. What she doesn't know is that DH and I talk at least once a day regardless of where we are, and really, nothing has changed.

So yeah, it's just her looking to blame someone else for her problems again.

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Me and DH have talked about this a million times. He can't wait for SS11 to turn 18 so he can block her and not have to worry about her anymore. He's even going to change his cell phone number. I am a little jealous of!

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Why does he have to keep her informed? SD can't speak?

My husband has refused to speak to BM since CS ended when SD got married at 18. Not that they spoke a lot before that. He once told her, when CS is done, so are we. Spell it out with me, D-O-N-E.

She gave it the 'ol college try once and called him anyway. He told her, "I have nothing to say to you." She got the message.

Four years of heaven, right here.