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Just block her already!!

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So, SD turned 18 last week.

CS ended as of 01 July, due to BM giving up and kicking SD18 over to DH. DH didn't ask from CS from BM, because a) we wanted NO reason why she might change her mind, (the woman shouldn't be in charge of a pet rock, let alone a kid, seriously) and b) we didn't want to give her any leverage into how DH parents, and c) it'll be a useful shaming tool. (not that the woman has any shame, but anyway)

DH decided that he no longer has anything to say to BM. Any information she needs can go through SD18. So what does he do? He called me up all excited to announce that he has an EXTREMELY inflammatory text ready to go to BM.

I talked him down, and told him if he really wants nothing to do with her, he just needs to block her from texting him, and not to answer his phone from now on. He'll get that confrontation pretty freakin' soon. SD18 didn't want him to do it because SHE doesn't want to field the crazy.

On the gossipy side - BM is dragging 5 people from Louisiana to Seattle for SD18's graduation. They're not getting a hotel room - they're going to use a timeshare week from her dad. Thing is, the closest time share to us is ~100 miles away. BM's "graduation gift" was originally flying SD18, the whole family, and SD18's BFF to Hawaii. Then it changed to a cruise! Just BM and SD18, stuck on a ship, going from Seattle to Alaska and back. Now the cruise departure port has changed to Louisiana. Or maybe they'll road trip to Florida. How will SD18 get to Louisiana in the first place? SD18 asked that too. Her answer: "Maybe you can talk your dad into getting you a plane ticket." Mind you the cruise is a gift to BM from one of her better off relatives. So essentially, she's trying to manipulate SD18 into manipulating DH into paying the only real money involved in HER present to SD18.

Add to it that the woman has been willfully underemployed for most of her life, and she hates the part of Louisiana they're in (which they moved to for her DH's job) and she's telling SD18 and her brother that they're moving to North Georgia in the next year or two... What about her DH's job? It's not like BM's job is paying the mortgage on that McMansion that they bought at the height of the market.

My prediction is that their credit cards are maxed out and they'll be declaring bankruptcy within the next three years. Why not? BM ran up the bills to the point where DH declared bankruptcy, so when she got a man with a "good job" (he makes less than DH) she really ramped up the spending. She's also missing the $620/month in untaxed CS, you betcha.

Ladies, this is a pleasure to watch from a distance. BM is crashing and burning, and it has NOTHING to do with DH or me, and shouldn't affect SD18 too much either.