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WHAT A BITCH!!! So, she just started getting money for the kids, court ended yesterday. So she tells s.2.b. that they are going on a family vacation to the WI dells for christmas break. F#CK HER!!!!! Going with his money. Stupid Harpi Bitch. And she acts like SHE is taking them. SHE CAN"T WORK!!!!! It is like a dissorder with her. After, at the MOST 7 months, she 'gets fired for NO REASON' and can't find another job for like, 8 months. For the most part, the jobs last 3 months. On Avrg. I did get to be a witness to the 1 1/2 day job. That was great.

EVIL HARPI IS MAD!!! (that makes me somewhat happy......)

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So, harpi bitch is freaking. Since the world needs to cater to her, in her small mind, she has expressed much anger in the fact that s.2.b will not let her pick up the kids early tonight. I mean, poor her needs to drive home, play party poker till 3am, sleep untill 2pm, and mabey get up and eat or something. WHAT A HARD DAY!!!!! The rest of the world has to work...I work for 10-11 hours a day, but that is nothing to her day of hard sleeping!!! What a freak! She calls and vents that she is 'famashed and sleepy' (I'm serious.I have it on our voice mail.) This is why s.2.b.

Brain washed kids????

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Do any of you have an ex that lies to the kids? C just told me that the harpi told him I was a witch. Like a real witch. Like I cook kids in my pot and cast spells. Thank god C is smart. He told me because he said he thinks she is not telling the truth. He said it is not right to tell stories about people, even if it is his mom. C is almost 6. I get along with the kids very well, but this is not the first time she has tried to turn them on me. I think it drives her crazy that we get along so well. Now, N is only 3 1/2. Do you think it could work with her?


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So harpi bitch just called. NOW she said she wants the kids early. Stupid me did not check the caller ID before I got the phone. She just yells....all the time. I told her to hold on and got s.2.b. After he said no, you cant have them early (we have family here to see the kids) She found away to blame me, and went on to screetchhhhhhhhhh into the phone about me. I did NOTHING!!!!! How do you even try to deal with a person like her? I have tried many many times...and she just flips.


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Does anyone have an x so bad that she...I mean...they are not allowed on your propity? I do! Well, my s.2.b does. She came here once ranting and raving about whatever she could think of, and s.2.b shut the door. She called the police and said he punched her in the face. It was clear to the police, that she was not punched in the face, and told s.2.b. to not allow her here anymore. The have to go to the police station to drop off the kids now. The poor kids. I am not over reacting with her. She is totaly crazy and I feel so bad for C and N that they have to be around them.

I need help!

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My s.2.b. husbands x is very lazy. C started school about 4 weeks ago. He has missed 5 days, not in a row, 3 Mondays and 2 Wednesdays. Harpi Bitch ( the x) claims he is sick, but like today, C comes here and said mommy was to tiered to take him to school, and told him to tell s.2.b that he was sick! But he isn't! She sleeps all day, because...SUPRISE! She unfairly lost ANOTHER job! Do we get a lawyer, or just talk to the police about this? S.2.B.


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For thoes of you who don't no, 'Harpi' is what I have named my soon to be husband's X. I can't call her a bitch in front of C and N, the two children, so I refer to her as 'Harpi' (bitch) I was starting to get over her and her sad self, but now she will be getting child support. She is something. Not only does she get public aid, but she LIES on her public aid. She has 2 other kids from 2 other guys befor my s.2.b. husband. They are both teens, 14 and 15. I call them 'the slut sisters', it sounds horrible but it is true. They live in my area, and I see them whoring around with older men.