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EVIL HARPI IS MAD!!! (that makes me somewhat happy......)

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So, harpi bitch is freaking. Since the world needs to cater to her, in her small mind, she has expressed much anger in the fact that s.2.b will not let her pick up the kids early tonight. I mean, poor her needs to drive home, play party poker till 3am, sleep untill 2pm, and mabey get up and eat or something. WHAT A HARD DAY!!!!! The rest of the world has to work...I work for 10-11 hours a day, but that is nothing to her day of hard sleeping!!! What a freak! She calls and vents that she is 'famashed and sleepy' (I'm serious.I have it on our voice mail.) This is why s.2.b. should cut his time short with the kids. She can't UNDERSTAND WHY he is being so heartless. Is she drunk? Where is the thought process here? Hearing her messages make me feel very smart. If you couldn't tell, I deal with this by making a joke out of she doesn't do it well herself......... This web page kicks ass! I found it today, and can feel weight being lifted off my sholders!!!


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We can ALL seriously feel ya honey. I deal with it all by making it into a big joke as well.... lifes so short and I don't plan on getting cranky about some unhappy bitches.

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Thats funny ha we have a big Harpi