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I need help!

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My s.2.b. husbands x is very lazy. C started school about 4 weeks ago. He has missed 5 days, not in a row, 3 Mondays and 2 Wednesdays. Harpi Bitch ( the x) claims he is sick, but like today, C comes here and said mommy was to tiered to take him to school, and told him to tell s.2.b that he was sick! But he isn't! She sleeps all day, because...SUPRISE! She unfairly lost ANOTHER job! Do we get a lawyer, or just talk to the police about this? S.2.B. is very upset, and seeing how we spent close to $6,000 these past few months on a lawyer, due to her, of course (story of my life) he doesn't want to get one right now if he doesn't have to. Any thoughts???


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The schools provide a truancy officer put it into their attention and tell them what you were told were the real reasons.

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