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I haven't been on much these past 2 weeks. For thoes of you who no my story, we are going to start looking at homes in IN on Sunday. We are hopping to sell our home to a builder soon. Has anyone ever done that? Do you have to be out right away or is it like a month? I am so f-ed up, I have made my self ill. I have been sick for 2 weeks now. I HATE having money problems. IT SUCKS!!!!!!! S.2.B said if no one takes the house, he is going to give it back to the bank (its in his name only, not mine.) I think it is a stupid idea, but whatever, he wants out and out now.

IT IS WORTH IT..................

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For thoese who have read my blogs today and yesterday, I'm sure you could tell I was having a melt down. One of my 'buddies' told me to google insprirational quotes. (THANK YOU!!!) All I have to say is WOW! What a differance they made. What a way to feel better about everything. I will not let the harpi ruin the best thing that has happened in my life. s.2.b. is my other half, and I will not give it up just because I have to deal with her drama bull shit.With the good comes the bad, as with everything, and s.2.b. has made me a better person.

Am I done?

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I love s.2.b. so much. I love his kids so much. Every bad thing that could happen did happen. Since Monday, Tuesday, then Thursday. I want to get up and leave, but I can't. There is this part of me that won't LET me do IT! Is it the love stopping me? I always put others over myself, but I don't think I am this time. I can't see myself with out s.2.b. People say that I need to get out, leave now, they say I am so young.........but I am totaly in love with him. I can't leave............

Is it worth it?

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Well, is it? Mabey I am just getting cold feet. But is it? Sleepless nights, fighting, the kids....having to move because she got MORE money and now we cant affored our beautiful home? When do you stop asking your self if it is all worth it?


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Not due to the harpi.Well, somewhat. So at dinner, C states that the roasted potatos I made a gross, and spits it out onto his plate. Then he tells me the house is a piggie mess. This, I later found out, the Harpi told him to say. And now he hates potatos. Fine then. DONT EAT. Anyway, my home is very clean, and I noted that when he made his comment. His reason for it being a piggy mess???????? I put the mail on top of the micro. Whatever. He usally is not like this. Every kid has there moments, but the way I was brought up, and the way s.2.b.

Good Day!!!!

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I had a good day!!! No harpi drama!!!! Kids are here and more plesant then ever!!! They talked all day, picked that over play time!!! How great! I hab s.2.b. report her to the school, and they are making up a report and will get the police envolved if she keeps it up. We are going to refi the house, and it will bring the payments down alot. Can she get more money if she were to find out? I doubt it, but he only pays $800 a month,should pay 1200 but his lawyer was good.


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I just felt like, one more time, to say how scummy harpi is. (if you can tell, I am calling her harpi, not evil harpi bitch, because, I haven't had to deal with her today. Just yesterday. And that pissed me off, but I can NEVER let her no she pisses me off. Stupid evil ugly nasty dumb harpi.HARPI HO!!!!! (my sister calls her harpi ho. Got a nice ring to it, you think?????)

Has ANYONE ever....

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Have you ever reported someone of fraud? (For public aid) I have everything I need to do it, but did anyone really do it before? Would she have to pay back all the money she tricked the state out of? I forgot to ask my lawyer, and he charges me $50 for every 30 min. we are on the phone. If you all couldn't tell, I am a 'jabber jaw'. Just if you no, please tell me....just wondering.....

WHAT DO YOU THINK????? Help help help! Tell me what to do!!!

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I want to report the harpi. She is cheating on her public aid and I can prove it. I want to turn her in. She claims her 2 other kids, not from my s.2.b., live with her. They don't. I talked to a lawyer today, he said the school records will prove it, and the state will pull the records if reported.....should I do it? She doesn't use the money on the 2, or I wouldn't do this. She has asked us to let her put our food on her link card, then give her cash. We said no f-ing way, and she claims to do it all the time. What should I do? My lawyer told me to do it, should I?