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Has ANYONE ever....

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Have you ever reported someone of fraud? (For public aid) I have everything I need to do it, but did anyone really do it before? Would she have to pay back all the money she tricked the state out of? I forgot to ask my lawyer, and he charges me $50 for every 30 min. we are on the phone. If you all couldn't tell, I am a 'jabber jaw'. Just if you no, please tell me....just wondering.....


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We recieved a notice that DH owed the state 17,000 dollars since BM wasn't claiming the child support she had been recieving for years-oops- that didn't fly well at all after it hit the fan.

There is no reason where logic does not exist

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Karma comes back around and she'll get hers eventually... and karma works both ways so don't screw youself!
I know that it can be hard to hold back... but try...

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I'm with chocoholic. Bad Juju. She is what she is and you are not the one to change her. If she was doing something illegal that hurt you or the kids, maybe. This is her doing and I think you should stay out of it. If you think you have problems now, just wait until she finds out you are trying to nail a lid on her coffin while she's alive. Go on with your life and don't even think about her.

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If she's receiving public aid fraudently, it really is her problem. But it should also benefit you because it takes some of the heat off you. My BM gets free lunches from the school because she doesn't report the mass amount of $ we give her. If she had to pay for that you can guarantee the first phone call would be to DH.