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Is it worth it?

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Well, is it? Mabey I am just getting cold feet. But is it? Sleepless nights, fighting, the kids....having to move because she got MORE money and now we cant affored our beautiful home? When do you stop asking your self if it is all worth it?


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No, it isn't worth it.

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may be telling you something...And if you are asking yourself that question too much than you may already have the answer. There are a lot of men out there who have less baggage, less complicated. I'm not trying to be a downer-but it is non-stop drama.Good luck with your decision.
"All that we are is a result of what we have thought."- Buddha

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Do you both have children or is he the only one with kids? Listen to your heart. It does not get any easier. If you are asking yourself if it is worth it now, Sorry I am so negative, but this is the hardest most frustrating experience I have ever had.

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You've answered your own question... if you have to constantly keep asking yourself those questions, you're not ready for this....

Wink StepMom

Man has the intelligence to change his life,
Sometimes, he just fails to use it...

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Lovers do not finally meet somewhere, they were with each other all along.

The question is " Do you have the strength and the fortitude to live this life you are choosing?" It takes extreme emotional maturity,the ability to command and even demand respect if you must,(along with the ability to detach from those who refuse to show you that respect) a letting go of insecurities(unless you want them used agiants you at every whim), the ability to establish boundaries, and the list goes on and on.However, when we seek advice from other's, we more often then not, already know the answer to our question, so heed what your heart and mind are telling you.

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don't follow your heart, but your "gut" feeling on this one. It has never steered me wrong when I have listened to it, the problem comes in when you listen to your heart before your gut feelings.

Like the others have stated, it is a non stop continuous episode every day of your life from here on out. When things quiet down for a bit, get your helmet on because the shit will start to fly again at an amazing speed. You can never let your guard down or be unprepared, or you & your family will suffer great consequences! Sorry we can't be more optimistic, but we are living in it and we feel and see the pain regularly....its not a pleasant life.


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And questioning your situation or even leaving will not make you any less of a person. This is why most second marriages fail. The drama and bull that you have to put up with really does never stop. After you crest the 5 year mark I have a feeling that it does shift a little and get less overt, but it's still always there. There will always be another woman in your life, demanding the attention of your husband and putting the kids in the middle. Just remember that it doesn't make you a bad person for not wanting your life to continue being this way.

*~So sayeth Nymh~*

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later. If you have doubts don't go through with it. Step parenting and dealing with exes is not easy stuff. You have a lot of anger now, your anger will increase when you marry and "foolishly" think that it should mean something. Psycho exes do not go away.

You are only 25 and a whole lot of life ahead of you.