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IT IS WORTH IT..................

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For thoese who have read my blogs today and yesterday, I'm sure you could tell I was having a melt down. One of my 'buddies' told me to google insprirational quotes. (THANK YOU!!!) All I have to say is WOW! What a differance they made. What a way to feel better about everything. I will not let the harpi ruin the best thing that has happened in my life. s.2.b. is my other half, and I will not give it up just because I have to deal with her drama bull shit.With the good comes the bad, as with everything, and s.2.b. has made me a better person. Some of you might think that is a very bold statment to make, but thoes people did not no me before him, or after him. He got me to screw my head on straight, and start to put all my energy into better things then I was putting it into. He made me start to see what I was doing, and what I could be doing instead, if I wanted to. And I did. And I love him more and more for that every day. I might have to deal with evil harpi and children that get on my F*****G nerves at times. But that IS worth it. We will get through this, and everything else she tries to piss us off with. A 'quote' from my father:
"Every Bitch has her day, but one day, her day will be over. Karma bites you in the ass big time when you least expect it"
I LOVE my father!( I wish THAT would come up when you google the quotes!) He has his special way of putting some things, and this is one of thoes ways. But you no what, he is right! What do all these trashy freeloading harpis going to do once chiled support is done? Rot in a hole? We work hard, and when she is in her hole, hoping she can freeload off someone else, in order to hold on, we will be getting our benifits form our jobs, and living very good, with out having to scrape for anything. Bet harpi will relise THEN that having a job wouldn't have been so bad. I would rather struggle now while I am young, then when I retier. I will not be involved in a failed 2nd marrige story.I will stay and deal with whatever is tossed at me, because it IS worth it. He is my soul mate, and no one can change that. No matter how hard they try.

Difficulties are meant to rouse, not discourage. The human spirit is to grow strong by conflict.
-William Ellery Channing


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and I think you are working with a great principle: sticking by your soulmate and not letting non-humans like horrible exes destroy your good thing. Plus my dear, you have to remember that, for everyday that you are still together, is a day of additional pain and bitterness for her, so you go girl.

Keep, your head-up, keep smiling and give your soulmate a big smackaroo on the lips, right to her face. Believe me, her expression will make your day for weeks.

I know that dealing with the kids can be a pain, but my unchanging advice is give only what you can and only tolerate what you will - do not do the 'step-parenting'.

Have a wonderful marraige... I know I mine gets better with each exhibition of her unhappiness thru drama

Being the Real 'You' should Always be Good Enough