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For thoes of you who don't no, 'Harpi' is what I have named my soon to be husband's X. I can't call her a bitch in front of C and N, the two children, so I refer to her as 'Harpi' (bitch) I was starting to get over her and her sad self, but now she will be getting child support. She is something. Not only does she get public aid, but she LIES on her public aid. She has 2 other kids from 2 other guys befor my s.2.b. husband. They are both teens, 14 and 15. I call them 'the slut sisters', it sounds horrible but it is true. They live in my area, and I see them whoring around with older men. Theremother thinks it is 'cool'. Any way, she clames all 4 kids reside with her and gets $605/month from that for food. Now, my s.2.b. has to give the harpi bitch $800/month! She told him she was going after child support because, get this, we have a bunch of fancy stuff and she doesn't. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????? GET A FREAKIN JOB HARPI HO!!!!! She works on and off at dead end jobs, 2 months here, off for 6, 5 months there, 8 off......GROW UP!!!!!! She is 33 years old, and I am 25. Shouldn't SHE be a little better off then me???? I mean..god!!!! I can't even speak to the trash ball, she is just sooooo..... stupid would be an understatment..... She doesn't talk, she yells, ALWAYS! So I have stopped speaking to her. She thinks she is the owner of C and N,Like she does s.2.b a Favor by letting him see them. We have them every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and every other weekend. She totaly shouldn't have gotten the full $800...but thats shitty IL for ya!!! That felt SO GOOD to get that off my chest... I am new here if you couldn't tell!!!