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WHAT A BITCH!!! So, she just started getting money for the kids, court ended yesterday. So she tells s.2.b. that they are going on a family vacation to the WI dells for christmas break. F#CK HER!!!!! Going with his money. Stupid Harpi Bitch. And she acts like SHE is taking them. SHE CAN"T WORK!!!!! It is like a dissorder with her. After, at the MOST 7 months, she 'gets fired for NO REASON' and can't find another job for like, 8 months. For the most part, the jobs last 3 months. On Avrg. I did get to be a witness to the 1 1/2 day job. That was great. They "lied to her" about what she would REALLY be doing, and HAD to quit. Boo F#cking HOO. What, did they tell you you had to WORK when you are there? Bastereds. Whatever. How do you live off $800 a month? Dippy is just like her when it comes to jobs, and he has sooooo much back pay on chiled support, that even when he does work, I dont think he takes home alot. Can you live off $800 a month? I sure the hell could not. Harpi Bitch. Whit trash harpi. I feel better now!!!!!!


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Sometimes it is good to get things off your is amazing how these women display so many of the same characteristics...weird. Did they all go to some special school, that we didn't know about called 'The School for Women Who Want to Grow Up and be Jackasses' or 'The School for Women Who Want to Grow Up and Have No Work Ethic'? I just can't figure it out! And why exactly do they have kids????? Hmmmm...

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I swear they have a "how to be the constant victim of everything you want" handbook, although our BM wasn't born quite yet I bet she has a story to make the Kennedy assasination hurt her worse than JFK- If they took their skills and put them to good use they could write some best sellers!

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