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Does anyone have an x so bad that she...I mean...they are not allowed on your propity? I do! Well, my s.2.b does. She came here once ranting and raving about whatever she could think of, and s.2.b shut the door. She called the police and said he punched her in the face. It was clear to the police, that she was not punched in the face, and told s.2.b. to not allow her here anymore. The have to go to the police station to drop off the kids now. The poor kids. I am not over reacting with her. She is totaly crazy and I feel so bad for C and N that they have to be around them. Her boyfriend, who I call 'Dippy', spanks C and N. S.2.B. does not approve, but the police said if there are no marks, they can't do anything. When he called Harpi Bitch to tell her he didn't want Dippy to spank them she told him to go...F*** himself, they are her kids and dippy can do what he wants. She also has come after me before, but that is a whole other story. Does anyone have to go to the police station to? Or do you no anyone that does? Is anyone dealing with a devil like her? I feel like I can't even talk to anyone because of how crazy it is.


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I have an x who is making my life hell. X gave the kids to hubby way b4 I moved in. They were babies. X didn't want to deal with kids until I moved in 6 yrs ago. Then x was calling and saying she was their mother not me. X tells kids they can't come on the weekend she has dr apt. on a sunday??? I think x just believes I want the kids to go. Once she told them she was not the baby sitter- like I am???? Well my kids are 11&3 one with hubby one with my x. s.c. are 17&15. oldest is now pregnant b/c X let her boyfriend sleep over with her when she stays at her house. X making my life hell. x never came to visit or to school events or dr.apt-all me. now she is every where. s.c. are on my insurance and she needs my card to take her for prenatal visits. x comes in my house like she lives there. Walks all over and doesn't speak. One day I told her to get out and the s.c. told hubby they were moving out. All b/c I stood my ground in my own home!!! The other day I came home with my kids and my parents from a football game and she was in the house. hubby not there just the kids. She stayed for 1 1/2 hrs. Help I am in prison in my own home. She has even gone into our home when no one was there. The s.c. told x where the spare key was and she went in supposedly to get something for the S.c. but they were with hubby and me!! I am thinking about calling the law- she knows we don't want her in the house so she just keeps walking in on purpose. She even called hubby to ask why my son was playing football when he had gotten a bad grade on a progress report. S.c. always fail every class my son gets straight a's until now. last yr s.c. was failing and he was on basketball team. X is driving me crazy- does anyone know the law?? X doesn't pay support should I not freak when I come home and she is in my house???

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Game set match- mine is insane complete utter selfish nasty living out there on who knows what planet- feel ya

There is no reason where logic does not exist

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I must be tired. LOL I am going to bed.

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I must be tired. LOL I am going to bed.