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WHAT DO YOU THINK????? Help help help! Tell me what to do!!!

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I want to report the harpi. She is cheating on her public aid and I can prove it. I want to turn her in. She claims her 2 other kids, not from my s.2.b., live with her. They don't. I talked to a lawyer today, he said the school records will prove it, and the state will pull the records if reported.....should I do it? She doesn't use the money on the 2, or I wouldn't do this. She has asked us to let her put our food on her link card, then give her cash. We said no f-ing way, and she claims to do it all the time. What should I do? My lawyer told me to do it, should I? Can this come back and bite me in the ass somehow?


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It's illegal...the public aid programs were not set-up for people to commit fraud! They were set-up to help those who need it, generally on a short-term basis. We had the same thing going on around here. My husband's ex, we call her JA (short for Jacka**) lied on the free and reduced lunch application at school. She claimed that she had primary physical custody of the kids, and that her income supported them. Well that is a HUGE lie, not only does she not have primary physical custody of them, but her visitation with them is the equivalent of 4 school days a month. Her income comes in just below the cut-off for free lunch, but her income does not support the kids and we have them 80% of the time. My husband went down to the district office and spoke to the nutrition department, with his court paperwork in hand and had them destroy her application....
The applications are randomly audited, if they would have audited her application it would have come back and bitten her in the ass and if we didin't do anything about it, it could have bitten us too! I won't be a part of that kind of crap. It is called integrity...some poeple don't have any.
I would believe that if you know about this kind of thing going on that you should report it...for no reason, other than it is WRONG and ILLEGAL! That is all I have to say! Hope it helps! REPORT HER!

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turn her in, who cares what comes back to you. as long as you live your life morally and ethically and legally you shouldn't have anything to worry about. it is fraud, and you knowing about it questions your morals too if you let it continue. there's a lot of people out there who truly need help and people like her can ruin it for all.

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is your husband OK with it?? If you don't have the backing from him,or why dosen't HE report her,your hands are clean and you WON'T be the wicked step-mom, that she no doubt, wants the kids to see you as... just a thought.


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BM was denying DH's visitation because of WIC appt's. I looked it up and there was no way that she qualified because she was living with her mom and step-dad. I called to ask some questions about how one would get assistance, and then asked if I knew someone was fraudulently getting assistance, should I report it. The lady very kindly said, "Well, we'd like you to!" I told her BM's name and how she lived in a house with her parents and two brothers and sometimes her twin sister and her son would stay for several months too. The lady told me that BM said she was a seperate household of two on the application. I don't know how her benifits were terminated because when I called again a few months later I got a real mean woman on the phone. But I know she's not getting benifits now. I think it shows her character, that she will lie to get what she wants.
Our attny. did tell us that DH could get in trouble because of her lie and that someone could come after him for payment of the services she received, but nothing ever happened.

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I live in IL, I am sick of people f**** ing around on my dime- I pay the taxes too and think welfare fraud is sick- thats money that could go to someone who actually needs it and may not be able to get it because she is- report her!

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BM is receiving benefits, despite getting child support from us and working full time. This isn't the first time she has pulled this kinda thing either, right after dh made the huge mistake of marrying her, she got a threatening letter from welfare office, they told her that she could be required to pay back the benefits she had received since being married. All she had to do was call and have them cancel her benefits, nothing was ever done. I have heard of many people defrauding the gov't and they don't get anything more than that threatening letter. We don't do anything about BM receiving benefits b/c we figure at least this way we know she is buying some food that doesn't come out of a take out bag/box. She also managed to get ss and his half sis reduced lunches last year, and free this year. I don't know how, but it will catch up with her eventually.

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You should turn her ass in. There are people out there that try to get assistance because they truly need it and they can't because of people like her. Case in in-laws....FIL is blind, he has been since childhood and is 77 years old, MIL was laid off from her job. They applied for Medicaid (which was created for the blind, disabled and elderly) I believe FIL falls into all of these catagories. They were denied benefits because MIL was drawing too much unemployment. SERIOUSLY???? The system is screwed up enough without crooks like her taking away from someone who truly needs it. TURN HER CROOKED ASS IN!

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