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Do you have an evil harpi????????

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If you don't no what I am talking about when I call her an evil harpi bitch, read my bio. Hit my user name , it's there. Evil Harpi Bitch will become a house hold name soon. I'm sure you all have one!!! This is fun!!!!


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Jennifer I love it! Shera was my childhood hero (along with Rainbow Bright)! When I saw you refering to her as a Harpi that was the first thing that came to mind! Too funny Smile

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I was wondering what the hell a Harpi was. Bm in my case is more like Hogatha from the Smurfs . Rainbow Brite, Care Bears, My Little Pony,and Cabbage Patch Dolls...good memories from my childhood.

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And DH has actually told her that she is a Harpi, so I must say thank you for the laugh! ; ) We've actually been renting She-Ra and other cartoons and shows that DH an I grew up with on our kids get to see what Mommy and Daddy liked when we were their age.

BM also reminds me of The Grinch, Angelica, The Misfits (only she wishes she looked that good!)...hmmm....I could go

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the Harpi can do no harm to you unless you let it or allow it.

Kevin The Man