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BM sent diapers and wipes for the baby

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This was weekend before last when DH dropped SD off but why? It was 2 of the small packs of diapers (maybe 24 in each?) and 2 single wipe packages from Target. She also told DH that she and her mom, GBM who said my newborn looks 'Asian' (as most newborns do with their swollen eyes), want to meet the baby- again, WHY do they think this is their right? I told DH I don't want BM dropping SD off or picking her up and thinking she can come in and meet the baby. Just no! Also, for DH's birthday, GBM bought him a sweater as usual and a sock/ headband set for the baby.

Thanks for embarrassing me, DH

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My mom and sister have been visiting since Thursday and SD stayed the night on Friday and Saturday. My mom loves all kids and was glad to see her. My mom has also been sleeping with the baby every night in SD's room so DH and I can rest and enjoy time and my mom absolutely loves it. SD and my sister have been sleeping in the living room because we our spare room is now the nursery.

Baby's here!

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Baby girl born 1/31 at 8lbs 1oz and 20 inches after induction. The entire process was only 20 hours and she came after only 20 minutes of pushing (but 2nd degree tears). I am so overwhelmed with love and joy and DH has been so great. I'm finally pumping enough that he can help with night feedings and she is just such a good baby. She looks just like me with DH's eyes and hair color. And she was born with so much hair which was surprising!

OT advice on calling out before leave

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I am PRN and only have two 8 hour shifts left (5a-1p) tomorrow and Wednesday but feel like I can't physically or emotionally do it. They're only legally obligated to give me 6 weeks of leave but my supervisor approved 8. They know I'm a hard worker and I've been working tons of overtime but my body just hurts and I feel like having a meltdown today because I'm barely halfway done with my shift right now and they stuck me in the ER (ie busiest position and we rotate in 4 hour shifts and I've already done 13 portables before everyone got here).

SD came over to get a shirt

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And took about half of the nice flannel tops I bought her over to BM's. I was "hiding" in our room when she came over and she came into our room, into the bathroom where I was doing my eyebrows and says she's "maybe coming over this weekend" and that she joined track at school. This is the self proclaimed "sloth". At least she's doing something other than vegging away at video games.

SD coming over randomly and DH's whole mood changes

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DH had always been more short with me when she was here before but tonight the second she got dropped off, he started being snippy with me so I told him to go away and leave me alone if he was going to treat me that way. He just doesn't see it and our daughter is due in less than 2 weeks. I told him if this is how he's going to treat me when SD is around, I'll stay elsewhere when she's here.

Dad and stepmom tried to put me in the middle of their arguement

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My stepsister is a very sweet young lady. She will be 22 and goes to college full-time and has a serving job to pay for gas and her extras but has no bills whatsoever. Her boyfriend just turned 25 and lost his job at an ice cream shop and is supposedly applying for unemployment but has not found another job and lives with his grandpa but occasionally stays at my dad and stepmom's house. However, his grandpa is moving or losing the house and now the boyfriend will be homeless if dad and stepmom don't take him in.