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Kinda OT- what would you do?

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My mom was just in town and we made a big shopping trip for the weekend. As we left, there was a mom, about 10 year old girl, and what looked like grandma on the corner of the intersection with a sign. Mom was holding it and grandma had her arms wrapped around the girl a couple yards back. The sign said they needed money for food and formula and I went off on a huge rant and my mom probably thought I was insane.

Serious and long- should we leave?

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I live in Albuquerque, NM. The crime is absolutely horrible and DH's shop was robbed AGAIN (this time an entire back gate destroyed and a frikking CAR LIFT taken). I can't even count how many times it's been robbed and how much money has gone into repairing damage to customer's vehicles and the property. The city also sent him a summons for a $500 citation for not having a PERMIT TO HAVE AN ALARM. APD has responded to multiple alarms and have never had enough evidence to put anyone in jail for the break ins. Luckily today, they did catch the guys who stole the lift and got it back.

SD texting asking to come over

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I told DH that she asked me this. He already knew. He told her yes but it was up to me because the baby and I are home and he's working for a few more hours. I just worked for 4 days and am off until Thursday if I don't get called in. The baby is napping and I'm cleaning house. Why in the world does he think it's ok to put this on me?

What is it about skids?

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SD came over yesterday and we started nails and brows right away. I washed and pin curled her *extremely* sleek, straight hair to help prep it for tonight since she has to be there at 6. She just texted me and said it turned out straight and poofy. Great. I texted her instructions but who knows how that went..

She's coming over after school so I can help her fix it and DH can take her to pick her friends up. Her hair just doesn't hold curl so we'll have to pray for a miracle and use lots of hairspray tonight.. I hate heat styling.

SD finally got back to me

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I texted her on Tuesday to tell her that if she or her friend needed help getting ready that I'd be more than happy. She said "I'll ask my mom" so I didn't expect to hear back, especially with the CPS drama. This morning she asked if I could paint her nails today because her dance starts at 5pm and her school lets out at 3 (at least DH won't be late to dinner at my dad's tomorrow). I told him he better make sure the 4 kids he's dropping off have rides home because my dad lives on the other side of town and that would just be ridiculous to have to carpool them home.

Poll time: should I take SD for a mani for her dance?

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Last week was spring break so SD stayed with us from Saturday evening to Wednesday afternoon. She texted me on Thursday asking if we could get our nails done for my birthday this past weekend. We went 2 weeks ago and she wants them redone for her dance on Friday. BM bought her a dress and shoes a couple weeks ago.

I think I get it now- reflecting on being a SM going on 8 years LONG

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Not only because I'm a year older, but because being a young, naive SM has basically ruined my life. I didn't think steplife could be so F'ed up. I didn't know loving a certain man could test my sanity and make me question (and be told by strangers on the interweb) if I'm a rotten person for having the feelings I do. I know that a lot of you seasoned stalkers are familiar with my old usernames. I won't post them here but if you know, you know. My life has taken turns I never imagined when I was a young girl dreaming of her future. No little girl fantasizes about being a stepmom.

SD asked to get our nails done.. What do I say?

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I just got a text from SD that says: "can we get our nails done for your birthday (Sunday)? Or sometime this weekend?" From my previous post, I offered to take SD to get a haircut for her dance next Friday and was going to surprise her with an eyebrow wax after. She didn't want to go so I didn't bring up the waxing to not seem desperate or to bribe her.

Back to disengaging

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My girlfriend invited the baby and I to breakfast this morning so we met her and came home about 11. I brought DH and SD breakfast and SD has been holed up in her room with the door closed. DH has a friend over and the baby is napping. They're in the living room.