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SD rewarded for slamming door in my face

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By DH, of course. He asked me to take her to therapy yesterday and, like a good wife, I agreed to help him out so he'd get home sooner. SD drew a wolf (her teacher helped trace it, SD is 12 and can't do anything on her own) and asked me if I would help her trace the wolf onto her phone cover with a sharpie we bought. I told her that she is very capable of doing it herself. When I dropped her off at therapy, the picture flew in between my seat and the center console.

Is this normal and should I be annoyed?

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My cousin who is visiting from out of state knows about the baby. SD does not. She has been hanging out with SD and asking her "what if" questions about being a big sister again (BM has a son) and SD says she knows we have been planning it. She said she'd be fine if we had a girl and she would be able to "boss her around". Wth? I am a big sister by 11 years and never once in my mind did I think I could "boss" my baby sister around...? This really annoyed me and I told my cousin that SD will ABSOLUTELY NOT boss any child of mine around.

50% great for BM

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For the past few months, SD is talking less and less about how unfair BM is and more and more about their "quality time" and jokes, etc. and it is truly bugging the crap out of me. Great for BM! Now her relationship with SD is probably better than ever and SD treats me kindly when she feels like it or wants to ask for something. DH is buying her new clothes online what seems like every week and, of course, keeping up his Disney Dad image.

In one ear and out the other..

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We had a pleasant weekend with SD and it is "week on" this week. However, she brought up the dog situation again and thinks that if we get her a dog, she can just take it between our house and BM's and BM will just "learn to get used to it" like the cellphone. SD claims that since she just "started taking the phone to BM's", BM just gave in. She was told that dogs are not objects and that it does not work that way. She was also told that when she starts feeding and walking our dogs twice a day for a year, it will be an OPTION but we all know that won't happen.

SD came bearing gifts

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I wonder if BM really has had a change of heart. She didn't help SD get anything for DH's bday in January (which I know isn't her obligation) but since 50/50 started about 3 months ago, BM has "apologized" for the past and told DH how "amazing" and what a great dad he has been all this time. Insert massive eyeroll and vomit. These praises and apologies were all through text messages , never in person, of course. I can see through it all because I think she always has a motive.

Kids these days

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My 16 year old cousin left her t-shirt here from when she stayed over Monday night. DH went to work at 5am again and asked if I'd take SD to camp. I said sure, no problem.

I see SD walk out of her room and she is wearing cousin's shirt. It is a 'Three Olives Vodka' shirt. I call her into my room and ask her if she knows what's on it. Bewildered, she tells me 'no'. I tell her that it is a vodka brand and no way in hell is she wearing that to summer camp where BM will probably see her. 

Can't escape BM

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DH asked me to take SD to camp today because he had to go to work at 5am to get work knocked out before they opened. Today is also crazy hair day for SD and I'm better with hair so I decided to step in. If you all can't tell, I am having a hard time disengaging even though it's driving me crazy. I don't think I'll ever fully get it. Her hair is too long to spike like she wanted but I pinned and tied skewers in her hair to hold it up and it turned out ok. I didn't get a thank you but at least she liked it and was cheery when she said bye to me.

So frustrated with "D"H

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SD had been texting me the last 2 days when she was back at the school from her field trips so I could go get her. I hadn't heard anything by 3pm and decided I'd run by the bank then be there by 4. DH texts me about 3:20 and says he's bringing SD home and do we need anything from the store? 

I must be doing something wrong

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I'm sure you are all sick of my venting but I have no other outlet. I picked SD up from summer camp which is at her school and couldn't get into the front door. That is how I got in yesterday so I *assumed* today would be no different. After ringing the doorbell with no answer, I call SD and she is short tempered with me and acts like I should know how to get her. I tell her that I would appreciate her being helpful instead of a smart alec. I get to the gate that has a code on it and call her again because there is no other way in. After she gives me the code she hangs up on me.