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Just an update

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Not sure if anyone cares but I needed a little vent. I have been in Utah for one month now and DH for 2 weeks. My job is so much better than my last and DH starts a sales job on Monday. My mom stresses me out a little bit but she loves the baby and is so helpful. 

I got the job!!

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I interviewed and shadowed this morning and got the offer less than 2 hours after leaving! This job is in UT where my mom lives and where we want to move. It pays $6.50 more than my hospital was offering me for FT and I can't feel more blessed! However..

8th grade graduation

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It's next Thursday at 7. I get off at 6.. I know DH will go and get mad if I tell him I'm not going. I don't want the baby going either. I'm sure SD would only be disappointed of my absense just because I'm expected to be with DH as a formality.


There are only 3, yes THREE, other students and DH would sit with GBM and GBF (and that includes BM and her boyfriend). I absolutely do not want to be anywhere near any of them. What do I do?

Serious and long- should we leave?

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I live in Albuquerque, NM. The crime is absolutely horrible and DH's shop was robbed AGAIN (this time an entire back gate destroyed and a frikking CAR LIFT taken). I can't even count how many times it's been robbed and how much money has gone into repairing damage to customer's vehicles and the property. The city also sent him a summons for a $500 citation for not having a PERMIT TO HAVE AN ALARM. APD has responded to multiple alarms and have never had enough evidence to put anyone in jail for the break ins. Luckily today, they did catch the guys who stole the lift and got it back.

SD texting asking to come over

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I told DH that she asked me this. He already knew. He told her yes but it was up to me because the baby and I are home and he's working for a few more hours. I just worked for 4 days and am off until Thursday if I don't get called in. The baby is napping and I'm cleaning house. Why in the world does he think it's ok to put this on me?

What is it about skids?

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SD came over yesterday and we started nails and brows right away. I washed and pin curled her *extremely* sleek, straight hair to help prep it for tonight since she has to be there at 6. She just texted me and said it turned out straight and poofy. Great. I texted her instructions but who knows how that went..

She's coming over after school so I can help her fix it and DH can take her to pick her friends up. Her hair just doesn't hold curl so we'll have to pray for a miracle and use lots of hairspray tonight.. I hate heat styling.