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I am trying to stay sane

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But am truly freaking out over this CPS garbage with SD and BM. How BM knows so much? I've no clue. If BM told DH that SD reported that he punched holes in the walls on Thanksgiving (false) maybe SD told BM this herself after the interview? Maybe SD wants attention from Instagram by saying her dad may be arrested? Maybe BM just wants full custody again when SD goes to high school next year to maintain control? Can this all be a hoax?!

SD the liar

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DH isn't meeting the CPS investigater until tomorrow but BM called him this afternoon to pry about it. They told BM to not let SD see DH until the investigation is over and DH was supposed to meet with the guy today. They did interview SD at school and she told them that DH punched multiple holes in the wall on Thanksgiving which is NOT true. He is beyond appalled that SD would say this and for the time being, she isn't allowed in our home, complete investigation or not.

And BM was not bothered one bit by SD's Instagram posts, by the way.

Update SD and CYFD

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I asked DH briefly about the incident this morning and he said he is meeting with the investigator on Friday morning and left it at that. He said he is allowed to discipline his kid and has nothing to hide. Is it this simple? He didn't mention the guy having to come to our house. I left it because DH wasn't thrilled and I knew an arguement would ensue if I continued to pry.

CYFD interviewing SD at school

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In reference to the incident between SD and DH on Thanksgiving, BM called DH "freaking out" to tell him that SD told her counselor about it and there is now an investigation. DH yelled at SD and threw her cellphone (flung it down the hall like a frisbee and it didn't break but the cheap $5 case did) because she was throwing a fit like a baby about making mac and cheese because she refused to eat dinner with the family. He had had a few beers but wasn't drunk. What should we expect from this? 

BM legitimately gets mad at SD for....

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Seeing new movies without her. Yep, you read that right. We couldn't see The Grinch tonight because SD was afraid to see it with DH and me because MOTY, the woman who gives her daughter the silent treatment constantly, has made SD feel bad for it in the past. Now when SD knows BM must be the first to see a certain movie with SD, she won't watch it with us or keeps it from her mom. She has even asked DH to not tell BM that we saw a certain movie so that BM doesn't get upset with her.

DH and his verbal agreements with BM

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Thanks to DH being so desperate to kiss BM's ass, he apparently agreed, as a conditon of SD attending our party last weekend, to take SD EVERY weekend until Xmas break and forfeit every other week so SD can "focus on tutoring" that BM decided to pay for without his consent. I know that's only 3 weeks and it'll be nice to not have her during the week but every weekend? Call me an evil SM, I don't really care.

SD "sick" after week long break

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I'm at work all day and shouldn't see her before she goes back to BM's but DH told me he's letting her stay home today after an entire week off last week for Thanksgiving break. The funny part? She was perfectly fine last night and didn't eat dinner with us because she was playing with the dogs instead and "didn't like the chicken". 

OT rant: over 50 RSVPs didn't show up to the shower

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My dad offered to pay for it (about $5000) and we had so many empty tables and extra food. Thank goodness my dad is well off because the money didn't matter to him but DH and I were disappointed. Yes, we had fun, but even one of our close friends made a comment that when the bar tab ran out ($1000) that people started leaving. 

SD and Thanksgiving

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I'm working today, thank goodness, because SD and DH got into it last night. SD is the pickiest eater I've ever met and refused to eat at my dad's house last night besides a small amount of ham, a roll, and pumpkin pie. When we told her to get ready to go, she did but we ended up visiting at least another 20 minutes. She then begins to whine that she's hungry and wants to go home.