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Braces. Ugh.

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Ok. So I’m going to keep it short because we all know how exhausting the braces communication can be. So here we go....


SD needed braces. No question. However BM never communicated that she was seeing an orthodontist. We were informed that such an appointment took place via text demanding a 2700$ payment be made ten days after the text. Whatever. It is what it is. Would we like more notice? Obviously. Would we like to know that she had an appointment? Of course. 

Parenting is hard... or ... lying

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My husband and I have provided a phone for my SD for the last several years. But suddenly (I’m assuming after a large paycheck) BM and SF (Napoleon) got her a second phone without telling us or providing us the phone number. I know this due to data usage etc. My question is do we say anything to SD11? I know she has been told to keep it a secret because when asked she has lied.  My issue isn’t with the phone it is the lying. And then last night I get a text from Napoleon telling me I am only allowed to text SD and will be removed from her instagram etc.

She’s ready to run

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so BM is already planning a move back to the state she just left. She left that state because there are no jobs, she didn’t like the schools, etc. she moved here and things were going smoothly... but all good things must come to an end it seems. She is planning to move without telling us about it. But we are able to keep tabs on things. My question is, has anyone here successfully prevented their step from being moved out of state? How did that work?

The dentist

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Why is dental work always such a point of contention between divorced parents? SD11 needs some substantial work done. 4 teeth pulled and possibly one permanent tooth.  is insisting this is an emergency and needs to happen Next week. But my question is, should SD see an orthodontist before anyone starts removing permanent teeth? I am not disputing the need to have some of the baby teeth removed due to being fused to the jaw bone, but the permanent adult tooth being removed concerns me. And with that many teeth coming out at once (the kid is going to need braces.

So over it.

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HCBM is an understatement. We deal with an ultimate GU. She is reminiscent of Michelle Pfeifers character in White Oleander. A recent move has put us within ten minutes of each other which started out great. But being the single target of any and all of her anger has become incredibly tiresome. My SD is a delightful smart and kind child. So our issues are solely BM related. She’s recently been on this MY child kick, meaning everything leads back to my SD needing to be around her because “she’s her f***ing mother” which as you can all relate is just nauseating.

Step Mom / Step Dad Hypocrisy

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Anyone else have the issue where step dad can do no wrong? He can claim ownership of a SK, do anything with them he wants, but as soon as you do one thing (as the stepmom) you are taking away BM's role. All in regards to the same child. Just I am the step mom and dipsh*t MaGee is the SF. I've been around for 10 years, he's going on 2. lol How do you get past that? Or do you just keep on keeping on, and ignore the W****?