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She’s ready to run

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so BM is already planning a move back to the state she just left. She left that state because there are no jobs, she didn’t like the schools, etc. she moved here and things were going smoothly... but all good things must come to an end it seems. She is planning to move without telling us about it. But we are able to keep tabs on things. My question is, has anyone here successfully prevented their step from being moved out of state? How did that work?


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Your SO will need to file a petition with the court preventing BM from leaving the state with your SK.

Good news is that school is already in session, so must judges aren't going to allow BM to leave with a kid mid-school year if the other parent can provide stable housing in the same school system.

Your SO needs to act TODAY on this, though. The more established BM can be elsewhere, the more likely it will be that sje can take SK with her without repercussion.

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The issue with this is that you will have to request a change of custody.

If BM has been declared the custodial parent then there’s little you can do about her moving. Despite what everyone says the state doesn’t see moving as the nail in the coffin.

Tons of kids move every day. They leave schools in the middle of the year and lose friends. They leave their family behind. Thinking a move is enough is a waste of time. If she can show ANY reason to justify the move she'll be allowed to proceed.

Now you can use the fact that she has moved multiple times to argue that it’s in the best interest of the children that dad become the custodial parent. That’s what you need to do.

Don’t go to court to fight the move. Go to court to demand a change of custody.