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His Texts are breaking my heart

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I can do this now
I know what has been wrong
I’m angry about other things but I know I love you
We have had great times together
I’m seeking help and going to the gym
I will ask you and your DD every day if you are happy
I will never raise my voice to you again and I will finish every day with you in my arms so help me God

I will do anything I can to make you happy
Just date me and see

He called my FATHER?@!?@?

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Who the F does he think he is?!?! He sends me this e-mail about his call (as if I didn’t talk to my Dad immediately after he hung up)

”….he also told me many things concerning you that I will not repeat”

When I blew up over this he e-mails me
Now you have to put a negative and nasty twist on things with your Mother and Father.
(he’s been trying to get a hold of my Mom, she will not engage)

“Everyone in your family will just say whatever makes you feel good to your face and say the opposite to me and to themselves”

Please allow me to bleed all over you…

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So much swirling around my head and dealing with sick DD (strep throat) and the husband and work and … bills

He literally grosses three times what I do once you add up his bonuses and stock options (that's not to say that I don't make enough to live on, but he just makes ALOT more)
We have separate bank accounts

I’m already low on funds till next pay day (won’t bore you with the details) and he’s e-mailing me about bills

One minute I get these texts like he’s trying to be nice and then I get an e-mail that’s all nasty

I left…It’s not going to change, I’m not going back

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After the last blowup that I wrote about, I tried to stay… and it happened all over again
On the way home from my father’s house, after we had what was seemingly a very nice birthday dinner (my b-day)
It was more ugly than it’s ever been

I sent him a letter (because I can no longer even talk to him) as I was outlining why I left, I realized how bad it really was

I won’t bore you with the whole long winded list of reasons…
I ended the letter

My daughter is hurting

Since when is it a sin to love another human being?

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As a parent, all I hope for is that one day my child finds someone that loves her as much as she loves them. Someone who cherishes her, respects her, is her best friend and confidant; someone who won’t be capricious with her feelings. What race, creed or gender that person is, is inconsequential.

Am I in the minority? If your child fell in love with someone of a different religion, would you be upset? What about a different race? What if your child fell in love with someone of the same sex as her or she?

You're upstairs why are you texting?

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Open letter to SS27, on the third floor of the house, texting my husband

Are you that lazy that you can't haul your ass downstairs to talk to him?
if you're that lazy, why don't you just CALL him?
or are you being sneaky, because you think that my husband hides his phone and messages from me?

well, when we're in the car and you text him, who do you think reads the texts to him, you idiot?

he's not going to text and drive, and risk his life & those around him

buzz-buzz another text

honey can you read that for me it's probably "leech"