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You're upstairs why are you texting?

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Open letter to SS27, on the third floor of the house, texting my husband

Are you that lazy that you can't haul your ass downstairs to talk to him?
if you're that lazy, why don't you just CALL him?
or are you being sneaky, because you think that my husband hides his phone and messages from me?

well, when we're in the car and you text him, who do you think reads the texts to him, you idiot?

he's not going to text and drive, and risk his life & those around him

buzz-buzz another text

honey can you read that for me it's probably "leech"

then I scroll back and see all the crap you say about me to your father

you idiot!


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I have to admit my kids and I text each other from within the house. We are lazy turds.

Still, I'm guessing if he were a decent person and not saying crappy things, you wouldn't give a shit where he texted from.

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I don't know what's worse, texting from another room or yelling from another room. SS15 yells. Maybe a phone would be better?