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He called my FATHER?@!?@?

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Who the F does he think he is?!?! He sends me this e-mail about his call (as if I didn’t talk to my Dad immediately after he hung up)

”….he also told me many things concerning you that I will not repeat”

When I blew up over this he e-mails me
Now you have to put a negative and nasty twist on things with your Mother and Father.
(he’s been trying to get a hold of my Mom, she will not engage)

“Everyone in your family will just say whatever makes you feel good to your face and say the opposite to me and to themselves”

“Your family is not going to help you get through this the way you need to get through it”

So I guess he’s my prince charming, knight in shining armor?

This person who questioned every move I made, who embarrassed me at work, in front of friends, in font of family, who regularly made me feel unimportant, stupid, lazy for not always cleaning up after EVERYONE with no help from anyone other than my DD when I would ask her

His attempt at cutting me down more, preying on my insecurities, at pushing my buttons (he managed to do that, if he were saying these things to my face I’d be in hand cuffs right now because I’d have caved his dome in with a baseball bat!)


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Whenever a SO starts calling the opposing family, I start to think disordered mind. Also makes me think about smear campaigns.... something all abusers take part in. I would have cracked him one too, lol.

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Sounds to me like this guy is desperate to get you back under his roof and back under his control. He is a big bully. Plain and simple.

He thinks that he can embarrass you to your family so you will come back and thus make him stop. Don't fall for it!

Be strong and stay away! Smile

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My ex fiancé sent a letter to my mother telling her how I'd left him. He was so distraught that he was getting down on his knees and rededicating his life to Christ.

Oh - he didn't mention that he married the girl he'd been cheating with for a year - about 6 weeks before our wedding date. Wonder how he thought he was going to pull that off.

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What a douchecanoe.....

I had an exBF stalker that would not accept that I dumped him. He called, emailed and texted me and I was dumb enough to answer him. Telling him to leave me alone.

Until a friend told me that is what he is looking for, a response from me. She said, stop answering his calls, texts and emails. Best advice ever. I stopped answering, blocked his account and marked him as spam. When he couldn't get through to me, he started emailing my family members, telling them to convince me to change my mind.

They would answer him and I told them all to mark him as spam and ignore him. He just wants a response from you. Do not answer him and I didn't want to hear about it.

I'm passing this sage advice along to you. Do not engage him for any reason. Let him stew and don't answer him. Let your attorney deal with him (if you have one).

I'm sorry you're dealing with such a jerk.

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By doing this he is trying to alienate you from your family so you will go back to him. Complete manipulation. Stay away from him and find someone who deserves you....

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Agree with the above posters, this is a disgusting case of pure alienation.

What a fucking creep. If someone called my parents like that after I left them I'd take that damned e-mail and get myself a RO or a NCO.