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My MIL...again! (Sorry this is long)

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This weekend my MIL pulled another stunt. I am so frustrated with this woman. If you have followed my blogs, you know that she started some drama about two years ago. This resulted in her being cut out of our lives for a long time. But, she found out that she has cancer so my DH decided to try and work things out with her. She said she had changed and understood that all the fighting wasn't worth it. We started out slow, only phone calls and emails to check on her. Eventually, DH started letting her see SD12 when we go back to visit our families.


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DH and BM went to court last week. It lasted all day, as BM had several "character" witnesses. Also, she requested that SD13 talk to the judge so she could detail the abuse that she claims happened at our house. The judge did not allow that request, as it was determined in the original hearing that the abuse allegations were false. She did allow BM to tell about all the changes that she has made. Her social worker was also present.

I'm at a loss for words...

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I have blogged before that BM isn't allowed to see or speak to SD10. She did come and pick up SD12 from DH's aunt and she is now back living in her old home. Apparently, CPS is involved and do a weekly check on her residence. SD12 told DH on the phone that she still hates him and is refusing to speak to him, so all the work he did over the past few months has gone up in smoke. We figured that would happen as soon as BM started her PAS B.S.

BM back in our lives

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I haven't blogged much about BM because things had been so quiet since her visitation was removed. DH was working on a plan to get SD13 moved to a special school near our home. It would have combined the counseling that she needs with an education. Also, he has been attending counseling with her, hoping to repair their broken relationship. SD10 has been doing so much better. She has stopped crying all the time and seems excited about school and her activities.

Update about stbSM who threw chicken...

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I talked to my exH yesterday when we attended one of my bios' activities. Luckily, stbSM wasn't there so I was able to bring it up. I told him that I was concerned that she was displaying violent behavior in front of the kids. I also told him that my DS11 was scared to talk to exH about it, which is a problem.

She threw a chicken at me!

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I am at a serious loss on something that happened recently. My son told me something recently that is odd. He has been staying with his dad for about a week and a half. We get longer stints of time during the summer. I talk to my kids about every other day for about five to ten minutes. But, he called me yesterday while his dad and stbSM were out of the house. He told me that he needed to talk to me while he was alone. He was afraid to tell me this while his dad was in the house.

Update to my kids stbSM wants to be friends.

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I am not keeping these blogs up long, just in case. The last time I wrote about this, I was talking about how SM wanted to sit together and chat at my bios' extracurricular activity. It wasn't a huge deal because it is only once a week. It is very awkward but we are all pushing through it. There has been alot more contact because we have graduations and end of the year events at school. It is clear that my exH is very uncomfortable with all the contact.

DH's lie by omission

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I am really pi**ed at DH. He lied to me through omission and it made me late for work. This morning, I got up and DH had already left for work. He also dropped SD11 of at school. I was getting ready to work (I'm a work at home employee), but I was hungry and decided to run down to the local store and get some groceries. I grab my keys and head out the door, knowing that I have about an hour until work. When I get home, I go up to the door, but find that my house key isn't on my key ring. I kept going through the keys, trying to find it.

Another Schedule Change Question

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I read another poster's thread about her DH wanting to change his schedule and put more responsibility on her. My DH and I are going through something similar and I would like some advice. My DH has had an employment problem over the past year. He keeps jumping from jobs and it has played havoc with our finances. I work at home and work early in the morning (4 a.m.- 1 p.m.). I usually nap in the afternoons b/c by the time we get the kids to bed, I am exhausted. SD10 comes home from school at 3. The way it works now is that DH is home at 4.