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Xmas defense of a sh*tty BM

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So, FDH pays $950 a month in CS. BM is living with a friend and says she is working (PAY YOUR DAMN BILLS). SD 11 says to FDH last night :Mommy won't be getting us very many presents this year because she doesn't have any money"

We have this constant inner battle with ourselves because she is worthless. Kids don't get to school, they aren't clean, they don't know where their coats are because she didn't pack them, etc...

Sad, but not sure why...

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I don't post too much, usually it's "same sh!t, different day" at our house. But this is really bugging me.

BM got evicted and moved into a friends house. SDs 5 and 8 are sleeping on a couch and SD 11 is sleeping in BMs room. I would say sleeping with BM, but she likes to leave in the middle of the night.

Update from Yesterday...

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So, BM told FDH that she got the eviction notice (Thanks dumbass, your landlord called US first). SHe told him she was moving, but didn't know where and she would let him know when she figured it out.


FDH got into her house....its disgusting
She told him she quit her job (for the 4th time in 4 months)
She doesn't have a car

Waiting sucks

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So, the last two weekends, SS13 has "chosen" not to come. No skin off my back, that kid is a giant sh*t. Except....Last weekend, FDH and I schedule engagement and family pictures. BM had asked FDH to pay for half of a picture sitting and he told her no, because we had already set this up. So, we offered to give BM copies of pics with just kids, blah blah blah...of course she got SS13 all riled up saying that FDH beats him and all kinds of other crap. So, he chose not to come. We took pictures anyway and it was a really good time. Would not have been with SS there.

I'm not sure what to do - Any Ideas please!

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So, SD5 has been sick for at least 4 weeks. They all had a cold the last time they came visit 2 weeks ago, but they were on the mend. Well, SD5 has had a cough since then. FDH hubby took the kids to his parents this weekend (I worked all weekend). I told him on Friday, before he picked up the skids that he needed to take SD5 to the doctor. Lord knows BM won't do it.
On Saturday, FDH finds out that SD5 is coughing, can't stop, then vomits at least once per night. This has been going on for a WEEK! I tell him AGAIN, to take her to a doctor!


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So, haven't really gotten to spend any time with FDH lately. I'm working 7 days a week to pay my bills and I'm taking a class Saturdays. Just kind of sucks. So, this weekend we got tickets to the football game. (AWESOME!) I had my class in the AM and my client cancelled for Saturday afternoon. FDH drive 2 hours to see SD8 play soccer. His parents meet them there and decide to take ALL the Skids to breakfast after the game. Whatever. Apparently SS13 was being a little bitch and FDH is finally putting his foot down and didn't let him go (thank GOD).

All Kinds of Crap

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So, I've been super busy with work (7 days a week for a while here!) But recently, the Skids situation with BM has been bad. It started when school started. SD5's shot records were incorrect (I still think BM forged them) and the school was not going to let her start. We convinced them to let her start - we have 30 days to figure it out. FDH and I made an appointment for here at a reputable doctor's office to get checked out.

Amazing Weekend!

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So, BF and I discussed the kids not coming, he agreed it was a good idea because my mother was so stressed with this weekend, he didn't want to stress her out more. BM had her own plans with the kids anyway (totally clueless) and so she never said a word about it.

Now, for the big update...I'm Engaged! Another reason he didn't want the kids this weekend! I am so excited to be marrying this man. I know there is a LOT of baggage that comes with him, but by this time next year, I will officially be a step-parent.


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So, am I a bad person?

My BF is not good with details. I looked at the Custody Arrangement and we are supposed to have his kids for Labor Day weekend (this weekend). This weekend is also my sister's wedding reception. I seriously thought that we did NOT have them for this holiday, so I told my parents they weren't coming.

Crazy BM

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BM cycles! Seriously, every 4-6 weeks she goes crazy and everything is wrong and it is mine or my BFs fault. She tells the kids horrible things about us and just makes life miserable for everyone. These cycles last 4-6 weeks, then she is OK. Obnoxious, but OK.