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So, haven't really gotten to spend any time with FDH lately. I'm working 7 days a week to pay my bills and I'm taking a class Saturdays. Just kind of sucks. So, this weekend we got tickets to the football game. (AWESOME!) I had my class in the AM and my client cancelled for Saturday afternoon. FDH drive 2 hours to see SD8 play soccer. His parents meet them there and decide to take ALL the Skids to breakfast after the game. Whatever. Apparently SS13 was being a little bitch and FDH is finally putting his foot down and didn't let him go (thank GOD). But, because he went to breakfast he was late getting home and we were late getting to the game and it makes him grumpy to deal with a ton of people and traffic, so that was fun....NOT

But, on our way down there, we discussed choices in our past and what would our lives be like if we had made different choices. He said he would do everything the same. He said he can't imagine his life without his kids. Except, I think he can. We do tons of stuff on our weekends "off" that we would never do with kids around. And he plans it all! Just a thought.

So, Sunday, we are coming home from dinner with my parents and he tries to call the Skids. I told him that it was 9:40, they were probably sleeping already. Nope, they were "running errands" with BM in her "boss's" truck. And they said they were at the shop where BM "works" . At 10PM on a Sunday????? Whatever. SS13 was being himself and hit SD5 while they were in the car, refused to talk to FDH, so FDH said he wasn't welcome at our house unless he changed his behavior. SO, SS13 tells BM that FDH said he didn't have a room at our house anymore. Of course, BM gets on the phone screaming that SS didn't start the fight and all kids of stuff that had nothing to do with anything. She's an idiot. So, that got no where. FDH is going to his parents this weekend, so I don't give a shit if SS13 comes or not.

After this lovely conversation, FDH turns to me and says "If we had those kids, I've have SD5 and SD8 in bed by 8:30 and SD11 and SS13 by 9:30". Um...yeah, that would be ME, not him!

I'm feeling under appreciated and with FDH being gone 4 days a week, I feel like I haven't seen him in FOREVER!

Thanks for reading. Needed to vent before I actually TELL him how I feel.