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Give it up already BM... and her first day of work

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"Ask your dad if I can take you for an ice cream". 

She just doesn't get it. Not only is it against court orders, SS has TOLD her he doesn't want to be alone with her. So now instead of asking him if he wants to see her, she TELLS him to ask his dad if he can. Ummmmm, NO. SS has given up on trying to explain to her that he doesn't want to, AND he isn't allowed to per the JUDGE. He just responded with "ok". Now she keeps texting him "don't forget to ask your dad". He just doesn't reply. 


OT-ish... So sad :(

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A few years back BM actually had a normal boyfriend. It was probably around 2013. She started seeing the vet that we all take our dogs to. Very good looking guy, and WITH A JOB even. Which is the ONLY guy she has dated over the past 13+ years that I've known her that had an actual job. Well, I wondered why HE would date HER (he hit on me every time I saw him, so I figured she wasn't anything long term for him)... and he quickly found out how nuts she is. He literally told me when I took my dog in that she was "bat shit crazy".. yeah dude, I know.

OT- I'm Struggling. I need to vent about my Best Friend.

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I love her, I really do. And I am very well aware that she is not everyone's (most people's) cup of tea. She is a difficult personality. Very loud, and always needs attention. But.. she is also the one person that I can count on, (other than DH) and she usually doesn't annoy me... except. She's SO pretentious. And even has the voice to go with it. Think Thurston Howell III from Gillagan's Island. "Oh Lovey Darrrlllinnggg".. but speaks normal when she's not being super pretentious.

Ok... "MOM"...

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Things are pretty uneventful here. Other than BM asking SS if she can come to his baseball games next weekend (he doesn't have any games next weekend). He completely ignored her text. They had been texting back and forth but he stopped when she asked that. Maybe she got the hint... I'm sure somehow that was my fault in her mind. Their texts are just small talk anyway. It did annoy me when she asked how he was and he told her that he was napping because he is sick. Instead of letting him nap, she kept texting him. And at the end, told him to "get plenty of rest and drink lots of water"....

Apologies, Lies and Disappearing Acts

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So, BM had been pretty consistent in texting SS every day. She would ask him what he was doing, and almost every day ask him if she can take him to lunch. SS avoided that question for about a week and a half and then finally told her that she would need to work it out through grandpa (her dad) because he still has to be there for visits. She told him she would call him and see when is a good time. The constant contact lasted for a few weeks. Since before Christmas. The conversation about needing to talk to her dad about lunch happened a little over a week ago.

Ha, BM, You are so funny...

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So, SS made it up to his grandparents house. BM showed up late for breakfast. Not our problem, we still picked him up at 9:45 as he requested. So she spent about 45 minutes with him. When we got there, her dad was sitting outside smoking (I didn't know he smoked, I've known him for 13 years. That was weird). DH and I got out of the car and greeted him, he asked us if we wanted to come in for a cup of coffee, DH declined and we stood outside chatting with him for a minute.

Oh Master Manipulator, your SON is smarter than you!

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Of course, we knew she would try.

BM has been arguing with her dad and stepmom for a week about fighting for more time with SS for Christmas. SS has made it clear that he only wanted to see her for breakfast on Christmas Eve, even though he is going up to his grandparents house the day before to see his cousins.