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SS saw BM

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So, the holidays came and went and SS didn't see BM. She asked him daily but he blew her off or just wouldn't respond every time she brought it up. He spent a lot of time with her dad and stepmom over his school break, and BM is now living about 5 minutes from them ( she was kicked out of the last  RV park she was staying at and had to relocate). At one point SS was going with his grandparents to see his cousin in another town and BM found out and kinda flipped her lid that she wasn't invited. She left a very paranoid and disturbing message in SS's voicemail.

A new level of crazy for BM... if that's possible

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A few weeks ago my girlfriend saw BM at a gas station here in town. Being the good friend she is and always with her phone ready, she recorded her, not knowing the information that 30 second video would provide. So, first, she was with METHMAN whom she has sworn over and over to SS that she no longer sees him.


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Really BM? LOL!

Ok, so we are going on 9 months now that SS hasn't seen BM. He goes back and forth between talking to her and telling her he wants to see her (but never mentioning that to me or DH) to completely ignoring her texts for days on end. Most recently BM text him to tell him she got a new phone number. SS happen to have friends over at the time and I  overheard him tell them "she gets a new number like every 2 months, it's so weird". DH got the same text from her a few hours later. Neither of them responded to her. 

BM's Diagnosis...

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So, as we all knew would happen, BM was let go from her job "officially". BUT.... yesterday they were going to let  her know if they are going to give her the job back. I'm not sure what that's all about but... her SM told me yesterday that she has to have treatment and can't afford it without insurance. Apparently since she has a "diagnosis" her employer was considering taking her back since she was let go due to attendance. But... the treatment has side effects that will likely cause more absenses, so that doesn't make much sense to me. 


Just an update..

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Well, BM has had multiple staph infections since my last post. She has also missed A LOT of work due to the staph infection, the "stomach flu", no gas money to get there (she still has her dads truck) and she has missed the bus. She is still techincally employed as far as I know, but I can only assume it won't be for much longer. She complains to her dad about her boss being a "b*tch". Heard that story a million times before. 

Quick Update

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And I'ms sure all of you will be as shocked as I am... 


Remember BM was going to take us to court because of Mother's Day? Well... we haven't heard a peep from her. See, I told you that you'd be as shocked as I am. Not in the least. 



That's all.