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BM broke her arm...

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I really want to know how she did that. But SS didn't ask when she text him a picture of her arm in a cast, he just said "sorry to hear that". 

Last week my girlfriend sent me a video via text message, it was BM and Meth Man at a gas station here in town. Which is odd because she doesn't live here, and neither of them have a vehicle. So I asked her to please find out what they are driving. So she sent me a video of Meth Man in the drivers seat of HER dad's truck. Not shocking that he was driving her dad's truck, even though her dad has told her several times he's not allowed to. He's a felon, he has warrents out for his arrest, he doesn't have license and certainly doesn't have insurance. What was surprising was the motorcylce in the back of the truck, and the fact that BM still had that truck since her stepmom told me that they were taking it back from her a week ago. I debated telling her stepmom about the siting, and utimately didn't say anything... but... that evening I got an email from Stepmom. 

Apparently they had been trying to get ahold of her for over a week. Her dad finally took a drive out to her trailer only to find Meth Man driving his truck that was loaded with all of his stuff. Looked like he was moving in to the trailer with BM. Her dad was FURIOUS and BM was  yelling at him for showing up unannounced. I am certain that didn't go over well with her dad since he had been asking for his truck back for a week and she just disappeared. Not to mention she keeps telling them the reason she doesn't return calls is because she is SO sick from her HEP C (she hasn't started the treatment) she can't work, or even return phone calls. Yet she can move her boyfriend in to her trailer with no issues. 

BM text SS yesterday and asked him what he was doing- he told her going to lunch with grandpa (her dad) just asked if his dad was going (DH)... SS was very confused- Why would my dad be going to lunch with me and your dad? That's weird. He's right, that is weird. Whatever. She's an idiot. 


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She digs her own graves. Her dad will never let her use his truck again. So I guess that motorcylce (which was actually a scooter) that is probably stolen, will be their only mode of transportation. Try towing your trailer with THAT BM! HA. 

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Meth Mouth was always having "accidents" and sending photos to Spawn with captions like "look at what my clumsy ass did, lol!" READS: I was HIGH AF and have no clue how I hurt myself until I came to in the ER and was aware they were fixing me"

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My very first thought was she was high... in the past 4 years since she has gotten REALLY bad BM has had hernia surgery (not sure how she got a hernia) broker her toe, sprained her ankle, fell off a ladder and hurt her back and hip and now broke her wrist. 

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Something like that...? 

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I feel so bad for your ss, but I am glad he had you in his life. 

I read stories like this and just struggle to "get it". I know addiction is bad, blah blah. But how does a mother just abandon her child? I just can't imagine ANYTHING being more impirtant than being there to raise my children. 

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She tries to claim "sober", but to me, if I had a problem in the past and was now TRULY SOBER, I wouldn't be ok with just not seeing my kid. And she loves to blame DH and I for it, I would be on the front porch banging down doors to see my kid. She makes no effort, and expects us to believe that she is sober. Kind of funny really. 

I used to feel bad for SS in the sense that every kid deserves to have a good mother. It's not right that he just has to accept the fact that his mom is trash. His mom abandon him. But it could be a lot worse. If he didn't have DH and I, he would be stuck with her. Living that life with her. He has everything he needs and more with us, and if she doesn't want to be his momma, I am more than happy to do so.