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A new level of crazy for BM... if that's possible

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A few weeks ago my girlfriend saw BM at a gas station here in town. Being the good friend she is and always with her phone ready, she recorded her, not knowing the information that 30 second video would provide. So, first, she was with METHMAN whom she has sworn over and over to SS that she no longer sees him. Second, she was obviously on SOMETHING (likely meth) and third she was driving her dads truck that she is not only not supposed to be driving  unless is an emergency, but also METHMAN was driving which is another "no no" according to her dad (for good reason) and lastly, the back of the truck was loaded with what was obviously HIS stuff that she was moving for him. Incluing a motorcycle which is how I knew it was his stuff. (FYI- he doen't have a job, a license or a home so odds are the motorcylce is stolen). I debated telling her stepmom all of this info so that her dad would find out but ultimately, I didn't. I just don't care.  The next day, stepmom called me and told me that they hadn't heard from BM in weeks, so dad drove out to her trailer (30 minutes from where he lives) to check on her and caught her in the act of all of the above ^^^ offenses. They got in an arguement but he was alone and on his Harley so he couldn't take the truck away from her. She still has it. This was weeks ago. 

Fast forward to this Friday, stepmom calls me, apparently that was the last time they heard from BM until Thursday when she called her dad and asked him to put gas in the truck so she could go to the dentist. (She had 4 MORE teeth pulled. I think she has a couple left) So, of course her enabling dad meets her at a truck stop at the half way point of where they each live. He asks her what happened to the gas that was in the truck, that she was only supposed to be using it in emergnecies because it's expensive to drive. It's an old gas guzzler. Apparently she lost her mind because he questioned her. Amongst the crazy things she said to him were the following gems:

- Don't YOU DARE question me, I'm an adult (hahahhahha)

- I'm NOT (HER NAME) ANYMORE!!!! (uhhh then who are you?) 

- Maybe I should just go kill myself (said several times) 

- I don't give a F**K what anyone thinks until my son starts talking to me again (hmmmmm) 

- Don't you TOUCH ME, you are scaring me! (he didn't touch her, he leaned in to hear what she was saying because he is hard of hearing. She said this loud enough for someone to walk over and ask if she was ok. Her dad said we are fine she is my daughter, I'm not going to hurt her, she's just a little out of her mind right now...) to which she said

- Maybe I'll just 5150 myself so they will take me away to a mental hospital (please do) 


She hadn't text SS in 2 weeks. Also made a few concerning comments on FB about killing herself. I did bring those to her stepmom's attention. I don't want her to kill herself. I don't think her stepmom did anything with that information. That's on her. 


Also it turns out she broke her arm by putting it through a wall during a fit of rage. She text SS yesterday. I don't know what was said, I just saw her name pop up on his phone. She is crazy. 


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Oh wow..... Maybe her dad should make that call for her. She needs to detox for sure!

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I seriously wish he would. He is a complete enabler. She is obviously a harm to herself, she broke her own arm. She needs help. 

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He needs to make sure he has someone with him when he goes to see her.

And gets his truck back from her.

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^ Really should record the whole thing too. Video evidence will do a LOT more than just the word of a witness.

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He takes advice from NO ONE. I would love to tell him this but he would just get angry. And I doubt he even owns a device of any kind that would record. 

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Sad her father is helping enable her into her own grave.  But hey this is the choice she made along time ago when she picked up that meth pipe thinking it wasn't a big deal.

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And as many times as he says he's "done" with her, he always goes back. I can't judge him, that's his daughter, I don't honestly know what I would do. 

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OMG - just when you think she can't get anymore crazy, she shows you the crazy underground garage. 

I am glad that the contact with SS seems to be diminishing.

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And not in a good way. 

SS still respondes when she does reach out, most of the time. I about died when he told her that we bought him a truck and she asked "when can you drive to school"... we said "ummmmmm when I'm 16, you know I'm still 15 right?". She didn't reply.