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Watch out for the quiet ones...

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...because when we don't speak, that means we're listening ever so much. Like when DH tells the skids to mow the lawn, and while he's outside, SS15 feels the need to call BM and get sarcastic about it with her. Right in front of me. He must be a total dumb-ass, because I guess he thinks just because I don't speak to him, that must mean I don't hear anything either. This would make DH furious, by the way.

SS12 will not make it as an adult

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I always say, everyone has that one thing in life they just do better than anyone else. For SS12, it's screwing up. The quality and quantity with which he screws up is both monumental and dumbfounding all at once. I rarely see anything like it. The latest incident happened this morning at exactly 8:36 am when one of our neighbors came ringing our doorbell, waking us up, to let us know that DH's truck doors were open.

And Thus it Begins...

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Welp, two minorly significant things happened with both skids in the last few weeks (and I say "minorly" because I really couldn't give less of a crap about either of them). A few weeks ago, the night before my birthday, SS14 decided to announce that he's gay. Again, couldn't care less, I know so many gay people it's ridiculous, I've always been around gay people, so to me this is no big deal and I'm whatever about it (DH took it a little harder, but I think he's used to the idea now).

Could SS14 be any more inconsiderate?

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I know that actual answer is probably yes, but right this minute he is being rude! I KNOW his dumb tablet has a headphone jack so I don't have to keep hearing him play that same stupid Lorde song on repeat, and yes, SS14, DH probably DID want to eat his leftover wings from last night, so asking him whether he wanted them AFTER THE FACT is pretty much moot point, isn't it? DH has a much higher tolerance for this than I do, apparently, because he's said nothing.

I swear, sometimes I think DH has disengaged too

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DH seriously either just doesn't give two craps, or is completely uninterested in doing ANYTHING resembling parenting, because he just is not the business at all these days. I know he heard SS12 get up and go to the bathroom, then leave without flushing the toilet...because he SAID he heard it! But did he tell SS12 to go flush it? Nope! The pee is still sitting in the toilet as we speak. I'd say something, but then I'd definitely be the wicked step-mother for being so negative by deigning to tell SS12 what to do.

A Tale of Two Skiddies

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I swear, if we don't spend every other weekend/every Friday night engaging in some kind of food battle or another with the skids, it's just not a weekend with them. It is always one battle or the other, depending on which skid we're talking about. SS12 is a human garbage disposal. I swear I wouldn't be surprised to find he has high cholesterol and is pre-diabetic. Everything he eats, he has to add extra salt/sugar/cheese/seasoning/sour cream/butter/mayonnaise, etc. to, and not only that, he eats until he is basically forced to stop.

When will they ever learn?

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It seems I'm the only one who has learned that SS12 is just one of those people who pretty much ruins everything he touches one way or another. I can't tell you how much crap this kid has broken/ruined/lost/etc. just by not paying attention and being a spazz. For Christmas, DH bought him an iPod touch, and BM got him some Beatz headphones. I would imagine these two gifts combined probably cost an arm and a leg...and I was just waiting for him to totally destroy them. It didn't take too long.


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It finally occurred to me today the reason why SS14's changing voice is so irritating to me. It's because it sounds like a vuvuzela. You know, it has that kind of honking quality to it that's just annoying enough to sound like a swarm of yellow jackets are stinging your eardrums? Also, it probably is irritating because every time I hear it, he is saying something totally dumb/irrelevant/attention-seeking/argumentative, and then, if he starts getting aggravated, it starts cracking really badly, and then he sounds like Tarzan yowling in the jungle. Oh my God, I just can't stand it.

Tough time disengaging right now...

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Ok, so DH had to go to work for a few hours this morning, so in an attempt to try and make his day a little easier, I told him to just go to work & just leave SS12 here & I would stay here too. I did not tell him I would help out with him, but he's 12, in my mind, he should be able to get up, feed himself, & keep himself busy. Of course, what I always forget is that, given the leeway to do these things for himself, he will always have junk food for breakfast. Sure enough.