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Watch out for the quiet ones...

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...because when we don't speak, that means we're listening ever so much. Like when DH tells the skids to mow the lawn, and while he's outside, SS15 feels the need to call BM and get sarcastic about it with her. Right in front of me. He must be a total dumb-ass, because I guess he thinks just because I don't speak to him, that must mean I don't hear anything either. This would make DH furious, by the way. They both lied to him about not having eaten all day long (forgetting, I suppose, that I was here all afternoon and witnessed them eating all day, not to mention they left evidence behind in the sink), so they just HAVE to eat SOMETHING before they mow the lawn! They're hoping the sun will go down and they won't have to do it. SS13 is currently mowing the front whilst muttering under his breath, I'm sure about how awful DH is (and me too, by proxy), meanwhile, SS15 is making himself a five-course meal so he can stall further (after making a snarky phone call to BM). We're supposed to be taking these brats to the Royal Gorge tomorrow...I sure hope they don't do anything stupid between now and bed time, because I will definitely not hesitate to inform DH of these things so I don't have to endure this excursion tomorrow. Teenagers are the devil.


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Haven't they already done something stupid? Lying about how they haven't eaten, and not doing the task they're supposed to do? I wouldn't be taking those brats ANYWHERE!

You're right though, teenagers ARE the devil!

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Unfortunately, they did end up completing their tasks ultimately. The eating thing didn't end up working. Believe me, I wish they would've wound up not doing what they were supposed to do, because I am not thrilled about going anywhere with them. Semen demons.

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Oh how I love that name. Lol. I call my ss11 precious. I keep it on the down low of course. Hubby would freak if he knew. Lol.