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Could SS14 be any more inconsiderate?

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I know that actual answer is probably yes, but right this minute he is being rude! I KNOW his dumb tablet has a headphone jack so I don't have to keep hearing him play that same stupid Lorde song on repeat, and yes, SS14, DH probably DID want to eat his leftover wings from last night, so asking him whether he wanted them AFTER THE FACT is pretty much moot point, isn't it? DH has a much higher tolerance for this than I do, apparently, because he's said nothing. This is probably all for the best, though, since SS14's back-talking and shitty attitude are worse to deal with than his inconsideration, and those things would definitely show their ugly heads if DH said anything to him about it, so I guess I'll take the lesser of two evils this time. Can't wait until he leaves in just a few hours' time! Plus, it could've been worse this weekend, SS12 could've come, too, and that's always nothing but a scream-fest, so at least it's been quiet other than SS14's intermittent complaining about nothing at all in his ugly new teenaged voice that sounds like a goose honking. Sorry, mini-vent.