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SS14 just doesn't know...

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DH is cutting SS14's hair, and so far, SS14 has snapped at him to "just cut his hair already" since DH is also checking the score of the Broncos game, making snide comments like "it looks if only it were short enough," and he actually told him to shut up once. He doesn't seem to realize that the man has a pair of clippers and could just "slip" on accident and REALLY make a dent in his hair. I wish DH would just cut his hair so it made SS14's head look like a giant penis. I kinda just want to give him a little bump...


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LOL, oh God I wish he would've done that! That would've been hilarious! Sad part is, SS14 is such a stubborn mouthey douche, he'd never admit he even did anything wrong & he'd end up going home like that!