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And Thus it Begins...

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Welp, two minorly significant things happened with both skids in the last few weeks (and I say "minorly" because I really couldn't give less of a crap about either of them). A few weeks ago, the night before my birthday, SS14 decided to announce that he's gay. Again, couldn't care less, I know so many gay people it's ridiculous, I've always been around gay people, so to me this is no big deal and I'm whatever about it (DH took it a little harder, but I think he's used to the idea now). Tomorrow, SS12 has his very first date (with a girl), which I guess is sort of a milestone, but similar to SS14's situation, I really don't care. The thing I find interesting about the two of them coming into the age of dating is that I can't imagine either of them being appealing to ANYONE EVER. SS14 is such a complainer from Hell, he's always got to say something about EVERYTHING. Not to mention he is NOT cute, and he has a major attitude problem, probably bigger than most teenagers, I'd wager. SS12 is probably the laziest person I've ever met, not to mention the fact that he has no manners whatsoever. He's a total Garbage Pail Kid, and I'm telling you, if this first date involves any kind of eating, there will definitely not be a second date. Neither of them bathe or brush their teeth regularly, when you try to force them, they act like you're violating the Geneva Convention Now, I'm not a gay man, but I know enough of them to know that they probably don't like stinky disgusting jerks with major attitude problems, and I AM a girl, and I can tell you for sure that girls don't like stinky disgusting lazy Garbage Pail Kids with no manners. It will be interesting to see how this all unfolds for both of them.


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Who lets a 12 year old date? They should still be slipping notes to each other in class and ho;ding hands and sneaking smooches behind the bleachers. But "dating"?


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Shoot, I'm not familiar with how old proper dating age is these days, this is one of the reasons I avoided having kids all together. I guess they went to see a movie or something, and the parental units are picking them up right after, but if anyone could get someone teen pregnant at 12, it is definitely SS12. Like I said, though, all he has to do is act like himself and she'll definitely not want to go out with him again, LOL. This is how I predict his date will end.